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Which of the two techniques given below is faster, more flexible and less inexpensive than the other technique for producing small quantities of 3D parts?
     Injection molding
     Additive manufacturing

Which two of the following are the features of the PolyJet technology?
     It can incorporate only one type of material properties in one model
     it is capable of multi-material printing
     it creates smooth surfaces that have the look and feel of a final product

Which of the following types of light sources is/are used by Digital Light Processing (DLP)?
     Arc lamp with an LCD panel
     Laser beam
     Both a and b

Which file format serves as the standard data interface between 3D printing machines and CAD software?

The properties given below refer to which material?
It is a biodegradable plastic material.
It can be used for DLP/SL processes in resin format.
It is not the most durable or flexible plastic.
     LayWood or WPC
     None of the above

Which of the following is NOT a rigid opaque material used by Object 30 Pro 3D printers?
     Red (VeroRed)
     Black (VeroBlackPlus)
     Blue (VeroBlue)
     Gray (VeroGray)

In the laser sintering process, the build chamber used is ________.
     Completely open
     Completely sealed
     Partially open
     Partially sealed

Which of the following is/are INCORRECT with respect to Object 30 Pro 3D printers?
I.    The model grows inside a gel-like support material.
II.    The printer software selects the optimal orientation for slicing and building.
III.    The layer thickness of the printer is less than 12 microns.
     Only I
     Only II
     Only III
     Both I and II
     Both I and III

Which is the slowest process among the following?
     Selective Laser Sintering
     Fused Deposition Modeling

Which of the following is true?
a.    Additive fabrication is faster than injection molding.
b.    In the manufacturing of large quantities of polymer products, additive manufacturing is less expensive than injection molding.
     Only a
     Only b
     Neither a nor b
     Both a and b

For which of the following processes can titanium be used in 3D printing?
1.    Sintering
2.    Melting
3.    Electron Beam Melting
     Only 1 and 3
     Only 2 and 3
     Only 1 and 2
     All 1, 2 and 3

Which of following can be used to create laminated objects in Laminated Object Manufacturing?
     Metal foils
     Liquid gallium
     Plastic sheets

Which of the following statements is NOT true about Objet's PolyJet system?
     This system uses photopolymerization
     In this system, ink-jetted materials are used to build up he layers
     In this system, materials are kept in a single cartridge inside the printer
     All the statements are true

Which of the following are used in a PolyJet 3D printer?
     Inkjet heads
     Ultraviolet lamps
     Metal alloys
     Both a and b
     Both b and c

Which of the following is NOT true about the advantages of Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM)?
     It is an inexpensive technique
     It provides very high Z-resolution
     It allows rapid assembly
     All of the above are advantages of LOM

Which of the following is correct about PolyJet technology or Objet Connex printers?
I.    These printers use one photopolymeric material at a time.
II.    These printers print two different materials at a time.
     Only I
      Only II
     Both I and II
     Neither I nor II

The 3D printing material alumide is a combination of powdered aluminum and ________.

True or false?
Certain food products, such as chocolates, can be 3D printed.

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of 3D printing?
     3D printing facilitates rapid prototyping
     3D printing results in increased manufacturing speed
     3D printing increases productivity
     A product of any size can be created using 3D printing

In which type of 3D printing is melted thermoplastic squeezed through a small object for creating an object?
     Fused Deposition Modeling
     Laminated Object Manufacturing
     Direct Metal Laser Sintering
     Digital Light Processing

The Fused Deposition Modeling method of printing requires ________ pressure and ________ temperature
     High, low
     Low, low
     Low, high
     High, high

Working of which of the following processes is illustrated in the given image?
     Digital Light Processing
     PolyJet Printing
     Slective Laser Melting

Which additive manufacturing technique do the following statements refer to?
This technique creates an object, layer by layer, by extruding a filament of ink from a nozzle. It produces fragile and non-dense ceramic 3D products.
     PolyJet 3D Printing
     Fused Deposition Modeling
     Selective Heat Sintering

How many materials can an Object 30 Pro 3D printer print at a time?

True or false?
In PolyJet 3D printing, paper is used as support material.

Which of the following are correct about Digital Light Processing (DLP)?
     DLP generates less waste than stereolithography
     DLP yields low resolution output
     DLP has lower running costs than stereolithography
     DLP requires a deep vat of resin

What process is shown in the given image?
     Binder jetting
     Material jetting
     Selective Deposition Lamination

Gold and silver are mostly processed in the ________ form in 3D printing.
     Solved or granular

Which two of the following are the advantages of inkjet 3D printing?
     Good surface finish
     Good accuracy
     Very strong final product
     Fast build speeds

The binding material used in inkjet 3D printing is in the ________ form.
     No binding material is used in inkjet 3D printing

Which of the following options is/are true about Stereolithography (SLA)?
     SLA cannot produce multiple parts at the same time
     SLA parts cannot be used to create molds
     SLA is a slow process
     SLA has poor mechanical properties

Which of the following is/are NOT (an) advantage(s) of laser melting?
     It uses a powder bed that acts as an in-process support structure
     Cooling time required by this process is less
     No infiltration is required by this process
     Parts produced using this process are stronger than those produced using Stereolithography or Digital Light Processing
     Both b and c

What do power binding printers use to apply a rapidly-solidified binder to the powder bed in order to create now solid objects?
     Laser beams
     Ink-jet sprays
     Both a and b

Which of the following types of material does the material jetting technology use?

Which of the following points of difference between subtractive manufacturing and additive manufacturing are true?
I.    Additive manufacturing is better for complex geometries as compared to subtractive manufacturing.
II.    Additive manufacturing can be used for wood and foam, but subtractive manufacturing cannot.
III.    If larger quantities of a part are required, additive manufacturing is preferred over subtractive manufacturing
     Only 1
     Only II
     Only III
     Both 1 and II
     Both II and III

Which of the following 3D printing technologies uses plaster as production material?
     Digital Light Processing
     Selective Laser Melting
     Inkjet head 3D printing

Which of the following base materials does Laminated Object Manufacturing use?
     Metal foil
     Plastic film

In which of the following processes is a plastic filament melted and then deposited, one layer at a time, onto a heated extruder?
     Fused Deposition Modelling
     Laser Melting
     Selective Deposition Lamination
     Electron Beam Melting

Which of the following is correct about Stereolithography?
a.    It is the process of transforming solid plastic into liquid form.
b.    It makes use of UV rays.
c.    It makes use of a movable platform.
     Only a
     Only b
     Only c
     Both a and b
     Both b and c

Which of the following is used as a support material in inkjet 3D printing?
     Modeling clay
     Metal alloys

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