Adobe Illustrator Test Upwork

What type of shapes can you draw with the Shaper tool?
       All of the above
Use Isolation Mode to edit objects, groups, symbols, or layers, Which drawing mode allows you to alter objects within a group without ungrouping?
       Isolation Mode
       Preview Mode
       Outline Mode
       Draw Inside Mode
The Illustrator Toolbox lets you tear off subsets of tools so you can move the entire set to another location. Click on a tool with a pop-up menu, drag the cursor to the arrow end of the pop-up, and release the mouse?
       Tear on palettes
       Tear off palettes
       Context-sensitive menus
To move an object to different layer which of the following statements is correct?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
       Click the Create New Layer button in the Layers panel
       Drag the selected-art indicator, located at the right of the layer in the Layers panel, to the layer you want
       Click the name of the desired layer in the Layers panel. Then choose Object > Lock > Other layers
       Click the name of the desired layer in the Layers panel. Then choose Object > Arrange > Send To Current Laye
You save artwork as a standard web graphic and notice that the horizontal and vertical edges are not crisp. What would cause this to occur?
       The artwork was saved at 72 ppi
       The artwork was not aligned to the pixel grid
       The Document Raster Effect Settings resolution was set to 72 ppi
       The Document Color Mode was set to CMYK Color
You wish to change the color of the stroke on an object. You should…
       Click the color in the swatch, then select the stroke tool
       Stroke color must be selected before creating the object.
       Click the stroke tool at the bottom of tool box and select a color
       Click the bounding box and then select a color
When you select an item in your document window, you can quickly locate the corresponding item in the Layers panel using the Locate Object command. This command is especially helpful for locating items in collapsed layers as following?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
       Select an object in the document window. If you select more than one object, the frontmost object in the stacking order will be located.
       Choose Locate Object from the Layers panel menu. This command changes to Locate Layer if the Show Layers Only panel option is selected.
       Layers can only merge with other layers that are on the same hierarchical level in the Layers panel. Likewise, sublayers can only merge with other sublayers that are within the same layer and at the same hierarchical level. Objects can’t be merged with other objects.
       All of the above
Choose a one incorrect statement from the statements below on using Actions in Adobe Illustrator?
       Painting using the Brush tool can be recorded into the Action
       You can not set a modal control for an action while in a Button mode
       When using Batch processing with Data Sets selected as a source, destination "save and close" is unavailable
       You can turn on and off an individual action commands by using the check mark to the left of the command name
Which of the following statements is correct about blend objects?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
       You can blend objects to create and distribute shapes evenly between two objects.
       Blending objects is the same as applying blending modes or transparency to objects
       You can combine blends of colors and objects to create color transitions in the shape of a particular object
       You can also blend between two open paths to create a smooth transition between objects
While exporting artwork to PNG selecting  __ removes jagged edges in the artwork?
       Background Color > Transparent
       Resolution > Screen (72 dpi)
When creating complicated artwork, giving layers descriptive names keeps your job, and your brain, organized?
       Name the layer
       Template layer
       Change the layer's color
       Adding layer
How you can change the display of the Layers panel?
       Choose panel Options from the Layers panel menu
       Select Show Layers Only to hide paths, groups, and collective elements in the Layers panel
       For Row Size, select an option to specify the height of rows. (To specify a custom size, enter a value between 12 and 100)
       For Thumbnails, select a combination of layers, groups, and objects for which to display thumbnail previews
       All of the above
Which of the following vectors formats illustrator support?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
You can add shapes to Creative Cloud Libraries using the Adobe Capture CC app?
       On a drawing. tap the Shapes icon located on the top bar. The Shapes panel opens
       Tap My Library. Tap Change Library to select another library
       Use Touch Slide to cycle through the shapes in the library, and place them on the canvas
       Double-tap the shape to add it
       All of the above
Which of the following formats are XML based and support vectors in Illustrator?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
Some of the useful plugins used in illustrator?
       VectorScribe: It gives complete freedom for editing and customization without a ton of excess work
       CADtools 5: With this plugin user can create special grids and draw isometric project even in 3D
       Phantasm CS2: It allows you to change the curves, hue and saturation efficiently and effectively
       SymmetryWorks 4: It allows you to work on greeting cards, vectors, symbols and patterns to incorporate into your artwork
       All of the above
Which of the following is correct way for duplicating objects?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
       Duplicate objects by dragging, use Alt‑drag (Windows) or Option‑drag (Mac OS)
       You can quickly duplicate objects, groups, and entire layers by using the Layers panel.
       You can create a replica of an object, set off from the selected object by a specified distance, by using the Offset Path command or Offset Path effect.
       Duplicate objects by dragging, use SHIFT key
How do you select a shape that has no fill?
       Click the interior center spot
       Double click the interior center spot
       Double click the anchor point
       Click the stroke
To draw a perfect Circle you can hold _____ key while using Ellipse Tool?
       SPACE BAR
What happens when you're creating new objects using the  Draw Inside mode?
       All newly drawn objects are reduced automatically to fit inside the active object
       All newly drawn objects are centered automatically with the active object
       All newly drawn objects fall into a clipping group with the active object serving as the clipping mask
       Any newly drawn object outside the active object is deleted automatically
Which of the Effect - Stylize group effects produce pure vector result?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
       Round Corners
       Drop Shadow
What font type allows you to automatically substitute alternate glyphs?
       Type 1
Given the picture below, what does the dashed underline in the Layers panel under the Path mean?
       The path is layer clipping mask
       The path is clipping mask of the clipping group
       The path is in isolation mode
       The path has an opacity mask
You’re creating a project in Adobe Illustrator that requires you to draw shapes for reference, but you don’t want them to print in the final output. How should you make those reference shapes visible on screen while ensuring that they will not print?
       Deselect the All Printer’s Marks option in the Print dialog box
       Before printing, set the Opacity of the reference shapes to zero
       Deselect the Print option in the Layer Options dialog box
       Choose View > Outline so that the reference shapes do not print
What effect was used to produce the picture below?
       Effect - Pixelate - Color Halftone
       Effect - Stylize - Scribble
       Effect - Sketch - Halftone Pattern
       Effect - Texture - Patchwork
You applied a drop shadow and feathering to an object. You select that object. How do you adjust those effects?
       In the Graphic Styles panel menu select Delete Styles. Then reapply the desired effects.
       Click the effect name in the Appearance panel. In the dialog box, make the desired alternations, and then click OK
       Then go to the Effect panel and select the effect you would like to adjust.
       Choose Object > Expand Appearance. Select the expanded effects and delete. Then reapply the desired effect.
Which one of the export formats below does not support transparency?
What of view extras is not present on the picture attached?
      Bounding box
      Center Mark
      Corner Widget
      Polygon Side Count Widget
Which of the following key is used to switch between Screen Modes (Full Screen and Normal Screen modes)?
Illustrator provides following workspaces by default?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
What do these three icons stand for?
      Minus front, Minus back, Crop
      Draw normal, Draw behind, Draw inside
      Make blend, Release blend, Reverse spine
      None of the above
The ___ command pastes artwork on the active artboard?
      Edit > Paste
      Edit > Paste in Place
      Edit > Paste In Front
      Edit > Paste In Back
What shortcut should you use to hide or show (if hidden) all Illustrator palettes except Tools palette?
      Shift - Tab
      Cmd - Tab / Ctrl - Tab
What is the maximum number of artboards you can have in an Illustrator document?
How can be the Pantone solid coated swatch library accessed?
      Window - Swatch Libraries - System (Macintosh) / Window - Swatch Libraries - System (Windows)
      Window - Swatch Libraries - Color Books
      Window - Swatch Libraries - Corporate
      Window - Swatch Libraries - Color Properties
Which of the following Illustrator provides methods of painting?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
      Assigning a fill, stroke, or both to an entire object
      Converting the object to a Live Paint group and assigning fills
      Strokes to the separate edges and faces of paths within it
      None of the above
You can use the _____ on paths, compound paths, paths inside Live Paint groups, and clipping paths to erase any area of your artwork?
      Path Eraser Tool
      Eraser tool
      Direct Selection tool
      Delete Tool
How can you select and manipulate individual objects in a group?
      Use the “group transform” tool
      Use the “group division” tool
      Use the “group selection” tool
      Can’t be done. The group needs to be ungrouped first.
There are various types of brushes available in Illustrator?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
      All of the above
How do you create type that follows the shape of a path or an object?
      It can’t be done
      Use the Pathfinder tool
      Use the Path Type Tool
      Deselect the Path
What is the format used to save artwork for mobile devices that optimizes the graphic content.
While drawing in the perspective drawing mode which tool will nevertheless not comply with the perspective?
       Polar grid tool
       Flare tool
       Polygon tool
       Spiral tool
As per picture below, what should you do if you want the corner to be as sharp as possible?
       Add another, thinner stroke using the Appearance palette
       Increase Miter limit in the Stroke palette until the corner became sharp
       Use the Width tool for the corner point
       Add another corner point, as close as possible to the original one.
The Character panel in Illustrator provides the following text anti-aliasing options?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
       All of the above
To fill text inside any shape like triangle which one is correct way?
       Select Area Type Tool and click on shape
       Select Area Type Tool and click on the edge of the Shape that is its path
       Select Type on Path Tool and click on the shape
       Select Touch Type and click on the shape
Explain how you can create a table in Adobe Illustrator?
       Run illustrator and open new window, now select any paper size and click on OK
       Create a shape with any dimension as you want a table from the tool pallet, for example, rectangle shape
       Select your rectangle form stage and go to Object menu, choose the path and then choose split into Grid
       Type the number in Column & Row as you wanted for table and set the number in Gutterbox as 0px. Now you have a table, and you can set any background colour, stroke colour
       All of the above
You are working a large poster. The poster will be printed on six tiled pages, each defined by an artboard. The artboards have been arranged with no space between them. You want to position objects based on the upper-left corner of the upper-left artboard. Which rulers should you use?
       Perspective Grid
Having the objects as per picture included (with the large circle at the very bottom, followed by the small circle above it, followed by the rectangle above it), how many objects will be produced if you use the Divide command from the Pathfinder palette (and ungroup the result)?
What is the tool shown on the picture used as following?
       To create a custom variable width profile for any stroke
       To align and equalize control handles of an anchor point
       To twist the object around the selected point
       To rotate the object around the selected point
Assume you're using the Graph tool and need to import the graph data from the external file. How should this file be formatted to be imported correctly?
       Microsoft Excel file
       Text file with comma-delimited values for columns with Enter as a row separator (CSV)
       Text file with tab-delimited values for columns with Enter as a row separator
       Text file with semicolon-delimited values for columns with Enter as a row separator
To align or distribute selected object you can use the following options?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
       Align panel (Window > Align)
       Align options in the Control panel
       View > Snap to Grid
       View > Smart Guides ?
Objects in Illustrator can be combined by using following methods?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
       Pathfinder effects
       Compound shapes
       Compound paths
       None of the above
Use _____ tool to draw a triangle.
In illustrator, The character panel have the following options?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
       Make text sharper
       Reduce gap between characters
       Reduce gap between words
       Rotate characters
The Perspective Grid tool group consists of the ____ tool and the ____ tool?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
       Perspective Grid
       Perspective Selection
       Free Transform
       None of the above
Which of the following tools will cut a path into two different paths?
       scissors tool
       knife tool
       bisect tool
       transform tool
Which of the following panel provides the blending mode for colors?
       Layer panel
       Color panel
       Transparency panel
       Gradient panel
To merge two shapes together we can use _____ tool.
       Shaper Tool
       Shape Builder Tool
       Join Tool
       Path Eraser Tool
Which of the following tools would be used to edit a line?
       the pen
       selection tool
       the eraser
       direct selection tool
Which of the following statement is True of 3D objects in illustrator?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
       Create a 3D object by extruding
       Create a 3D object by revolving
       3D objects can have Surface shading options
       3D objects can be rotated in single dimensinos
Imagine you're saving the AI file down to version Illustrator 10. Which features will you lose?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
      Transparency will be either discarded or flattened
      Multiple artboards will be replaced by the rectangular guides
      Objects with 3d effect applied will be expanded
      All of the above
Assuming you have the Creative Cloud version of Adobe Illustrator, what type of fonts can not be packaged using the Package command?
     Typekit fonts
     Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Typekit fonts
     Postscript fonts
     Truetype fonts
You're exporting an artwork to SVG format and vector paths look distorted when viewed in a web browser. How should you fix this?
      Increase resolution in Effects - Document raster effects settings
      Increase the Decimal Places value in SVG saving/exporting dialog
      Check the "responsive" checkbox in SVG saving/exporting dialog
Using the Touch Type tool for letter transforming, what is the type of transformation you can NOT do?
      Adjusting the baseline position
You want to use a part of a photographic image in a brush to create interesting artwork. Which type of graphics would allow you to create a brush containing an image in Adobe Illustrator?
      Embedded Bitmap image
      Linked JPEG image
      Embedded PSD image
      Linked Bitmap image
Illustrator has following types of points on path?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
      Corner points
      Lasso points
      Smooth points
      Curve point
Which of the following statements is correct to lock or unlock objects?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
      Drag across multiple eye icons to lock multiple items in the Layers panel
     If you locked all layers, choose Unlock All Layers from the Layers panel menu to unlock them.
      To unlock objects, click the lock icon in the Layers panel for the object or layer you want to unlock.
      To lock all objects that overlap the area of the selected object and that are in the same layer, select the object, and then choose Object > Lock > All Artwork Above.
Look at the picture. What does the filled grey dot in the Layers panel on the right side mean?
      Object is invisible
      Object is locked
      Object is selected
      Object has appearance effects applied toi
Which of the following statement is correct for menu Object > Blend > Expand?
      It divides the blend into distinct objects, which you can edit individually like any object
      It removes the new objects and restores the original objects.
      It distributes blended objects on to their own layers
      It merges all blended objects into single path
Illustrator provides following shape tools?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
      Rectangle Tool
      Star Tool
      Circle Tool
      Triangle Toole
How can you change the number of sides while dragging with the Polygon tool?
      Press the Up or the Down arrow key
      Press the Left or the Right arrow key
      Press the [ or the ] bracket key
      None of the above
You can then use the ___ to constrain the movement of one or more objects so that they move in a precise horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction relative to the current orientation of the x and y axes?
      Align panel
      Shift key
To use Erase Mode of the Shape Builder tool press ___ and click the closed region that you want to delete?
      Alt key (Windows) or the Option key (Mac OS)
      Shift key
      Control key
      Space key
What type of Illustrator Effect produce result as per picture included from a straight horizontal line as a source object?
      Effect - Distort&Transform - Tweak
      Effect - Warp - Wave
      Effect - Distort&Transform - Twist
      Effect - Distort&Transform - Roughen
Assuming you have a plain circle (on the left part of the picture included), which Illustrator filter effect and option should you use to produce the result from the right part of the picture included?
      Effect - 3d - Extrude&Bevel with the Diffuse Shading
      Effect - 3d - Extrude&Bevel with the Wireframe
      Effect - 3d - Revolve with the Wireframe
      Effect - 3d - Rotate with the Diffuse Shading

Adobe Illustrator Test Upwork 2019