Adobe InDesign CS6 Test Upwork

What does Article panel do in InDesign?
    a   It allows us to order the content the way we want it in our final product.
    b   It tells all the elements of the document but the order of elements is read-only.
    c   It tells you number of pages in the document and treats each page as single article.
How will the highlighted option effect the layout of the pages in Indesign document when checked?
    a   It inserts the break after every page and places them one under each other vertically.
    b   It places two pages facing each other like a book.
    c   It places all the pages of the document in a single row facing each other.
    d   None of the above.
What does the above highlighted option in the image do?
    a   It checks if the placement of the punctuation mark is within text margin or not, to make the text look aligned.
    b   It aligns the text with the guidelines.
    c   It rectifies the overlapping of characters.
    d   None of the above.
Identify the grids respectively as shown in the image above?
    a   Document Grid, Baseline Grid
    b   Baseline Grid, Document Grid
Which of the following interactive features can we include while exporting a PDF?
    a   Movies and sound clips.
    b   Cross-references.
    c   Bookmarks
    d   Page transitions
    e   c and d
    f   All of the above.
What is Contour wrapping in InDesign?
    a   It keeps text from appearing in any available space to the right or left of the frame.
    b   It creates a rectangular wrap whose width and height are determined by the bounding box of the selected object.
    c   It creates a text wrap boundary that is the same shape as the frame.
    d   Forces the surrounding paragraph to the top of the next column or text frame.
The Snap To Guides command controls both snapping to guides and snapping to the baseline grid.
    a   True
    b   False
What does the highlighted symbol in red mean in the image given above?
    a   A Broken Link
    b   A Missing Link
    c   An Out of Date Link
    d   None of the above.
Which of the following options under button and media in Export to Interactive pdf option allows you to include the normal state of buttons and the video posters as static elements?
    a   Include All
    b   Appearance Only
Which of the following statement(s) is/are not true when we wrap the text around the imported images?
    a   Bounding Box option wraps text to the rectangle formed by the image's height and width.
    b   Detect Edges option generates the boundary using automatic edge detection.
    c   Photoshop Path option generates the boundary from an alpha channel saved with the image
    d   Same As Clipping option generates the boundary from the imported image's clipping path.
Which of the following can be linked between two documents or within the documents?
    a   Content of text frames
    b   Content of image frames
    c   Objects
    d   All of the above.
What does the highlighted tool labeled as A in the image above do?
    a   It moves the content of frame independently of the frame.
    b   It moves the content of frame along with the frame.
    c   It fits the content proportionally to the frame.
    d   It tells the frame contains more content than it shows.
Which of the following tweaks we can do with Wrap To option while wrapping a paragraph with Wrap Around Bounding Box or Wrap Around Object Shape?
    a   Both right and left sides.
    b   Side towards spine.
    c   Side away spine.
    d   All of the above.
In InDesign, Object Styles panel is to create, edit, and apply object Styles that is the collection attributes and effects applied to any object.
    a   True
    b   False
Saving motion presets as XML files is useful if you want to share a motion preset with other InDesign users.
    a   True
    b   False
This question is based upon the figure shown below
How will it add the pages to the document if scenario is same as highlighted in the image given above?
    a   It will add page next to the current page you are working on.
    b   It will add the page at the end document
    c   It will ask whether to add the page before or after the current page.
    d   None of the above.  
Fill in the following blanks using the options given thereafter.
1) The ____________________ is a complete set of characters-letters, numbers, and symbols.
2) ___________________ is a collection of fonts that shares an overall appearance.
3) ________________________ is a variant version of an individual font in a font family.
    a   font, Typeface, Type style
    b   typeface, Font, Typeface
    c   type style, Type style, Font
What does the above mentioned cursor indicate in text frames?
    a   Adds the frame to complete the text but cursor remains loaded after the end of every frame.
    b   Adds text one frame at a time and you have to reload cursor at the end of every frame.
    c   Flows all text into the document with adding frames not pages.
    d   Adds pages and frames until all text is flowed into your document.
Which of the following statement(s) is/are true for Motion Presets in Indesign?
    a   Duration specifies how much time it takes for the animation to occur.
    b   Speed determines speed rate of the animation.
    c   Origin uses the proxy to specify the origin point of the motion path on the animated object.
    d   Create Button Trigger starts the animation for existing objects or button.
    e   All of the above

Adobe InDesign CS6 Test Upwork 2019