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 What is a brand said to have achieved when its recognition builds to a point where that brand enjoys a critical mass of positive sentiment in the market place?
    a     Critical brand identity recall
    b     Critical brand awareness recall
    c     Brand franchise
    d     Default brand inclination

The Research and Planning Department of an advertising firm works collectively with the _____.
    a     production team
    b     creative team
    c     media
    d     accounts team

In the terminology of advertising, 'Standard Agency Protocol' means:
    a     How an agency likes to operate
    b     How an agency likes to communicate
    c     How an agency likes to be perceived
    d     How an agency likes to make sales

Where are the Press Kits used as a promotional activity?
    a     At a press conference
    b     In bulletin boards
    c     In radio announcements
    d     In brochures

The higher the __________of a brand, company, celebrity or television show, the more highly regarded will be its appeal and familiarity.
    a     P score
    b     S score
    c     Q score
    d     M score

When in a film, the main character is shown using an item of a definite brand, what kind of advertising is being used?
    a     Wallpaper
    b     White label
    c     Brand enforced
    d     Covert

What does the term 'Buckslip' in direct mail packages mean?
    a     A slip of paper in credit card bills
    b    The main copy in the ad
    c     A copy that points short, concise sales points
    d     None of the above

 ________is an ad about an ad.
    a     Pseudo advertising
    b     Meta advertising
    c     Self advertising
    d     Recursive advertising

What information does a strategic brief contain?
    a     Current beliefs of the consumers about the products
    b     Information on the competitor and the appropriate format
    c     A hypothesis of the strategic actions to be taken  
    d     All of the above

Which of the following is true about infomercials?
    a     They help to create brand awareness only
    b     They are targeted to trigger an impulse purchase
    c     They rely heavily on testimonials
    d     They help to supplement sales of leading brands

In which kind of advertising is consumer generated content incorporated?
    a     Involvement marketing
    b     Affinity marketing
    c     Communal marketing
    d     Personal story marketing

What does Pro Bono Work mean in advertising?
    a     Providing services with minimal charges
    b     Providing services with a high amount of profit
    c     Providing services with maximum charges
    d     Providing services free of cost

What does a campaign mean?
    a     A series of ads that follow the same strategy or objective
    b     A series of ads presented to the high tech clients only
    c     A term used frequently in direct mail packages
    d     None of the above

The tag line of Domino's Pizza says, "You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less -- or it's free."
This Tag line is conveying The _________ of Domino's Pizza.
    a     Unique selling proposition
    b     Unique perceived benefit
    c     Point of difference

An Ad in the Island position of a newspaper is on the editorial page.
    a     True
    b     False

Which of the following options refers to last minute advertising?
    a     Remnant advertising
    b     Covert advertising
    c     Public service advertising
    d     Surrogate advertising

Copywriters are people who read, write and create ______.
    a     songs
    b     dialogues
    c     advertisements  
    d     All of the above

Which words can be seen at the bottom of a Pro Bono ad?
    a     Ad Caption
    b     Ad Corporate
    c     Ad Council
    d     Ad Community

A showcase of the copywriter's work or collection of sample advertisements is known as.
    a     brochure
    b     commercial
    c     portfolio
    d     write-up

If people refer to any cola as "Coke", though it may not be a product of Coca-Cola, then it can be said that Coke has captured the__________.
    a     Brand recall share
    b     Brand share
    c     Mind share
    d     Mind market

The agency that specializes in mail packages, postcards and other mailing items is known as a/an_____.
    a     interactive agency  
    b     in- house agency
    c     technical agency
    d     direct agency

In 1950s, they were known as 'slogans'. What are they now known as?
    a     Catchphrase
    b     Marketing line
    c     Trademark line
    d     Tagline

A copywriter working for a single client is said to be part of a/an __________.
    a     interactive agency
    b     retail agency
    c     in-house agency
    d     general agency

In advertising a short, introductory headline above the main headline but in smaller type is called:
    a     Leading title
    b     Overline/Eyebrow  
    c     Pre-heading
    d     Leading headline

What does "spec" mean in advertising?
    a     t means work that is done for a client without a contract or job order  
    b     It means work that has been produced in the media
    c     It means work that has been approved by the media
    d     It means work that has been copied from some source

What does a 'Spot' mean in advertising?
    a     Radio/Television advertisements  
    b     Fashion advertisements
    c     Business advertisements
    d     Consumer durable advertisements.

When you, as a copywriter, deal with websites, kiosks, CD ROMs, SMS marketing, then you become a part of a/an _____.
    a     health care agency
    b     retail agency
    c     interactive agency
    d     promotional agency

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