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While working on AutoCAD 2016 you used the system variable GFCLR2 to add second color in the the two color gradient fill. Given here are some values that you can give to this. Which of these is/are not valid?

Only 1
Only 3
Both 1 and 3
All 1,2 and 3

This question is based on the graphic shown below.
What does the blue color of the workspace lower tab signify?

It signifies active items
It signifies items that are ready
It signifies items that are disabled
It signifies items that are default

'You need to draw lines and arcs where,the segments drawn using the same command should be considered as a single object. In such a scenario which of the following command is/ are suitable?

Polyline command
Line command
Both a and b
None of these

You want to specify the coordinates for a point relative to a specific point in Autocad 2016.  Which of these symbols would you need to utilize while specifying coordinates in order to do so?


You are working on certain coordination models in Autocad 2016. If you want to restrict the amount of black blended onto the coordination models attached to these, which of these features would you need to modify in order to do so?

Color fading
Opacity fading
Warmth fading
Transparency fading

You would like to add layers for your drawing. Which of these is NOT recommended to do while performing this operation?

Creation of a new layer for objects that will not be seen
Creation of a new layer for notes that will not be printed
Using the default layer for some objects
Creating a layer for all fills

While moving from autocad 2015 to 2016 you find that you are not able to use a certain command anymore due to it becoming obsolete. Among the commands given here which of these could it be?


While you are working on AutoCAD 2016 you find that there are some settings which control the working of command.You find that the LOCKUI is set to 10.What is the meaning of LOCKUI 10?

Docked and floating windows locked
Docked and floating toolbars are locked
Docked or anchored windows locked
Docked toolbars and panels locked
None of these

While rendering an AutoCAD drawing to the Autodesk cloud rendering service the background of your workspace gets replaced by a default gradient background.What could be the possible reason for such alteration?

The file is not saved properly
File extension is not compatible to Autodesk
The custom background less than 24 bit
No such service available

You are plotting a set of geographic coordinates in Autocad 2016. If you want to configure the system such that the image frame is shown but it is not  plotted; you would need to set the  IMAGEFRAME variable to which of these values?


If you attached a DWF file in your current drawing then, which of the following command cannot be used/performed on the attached image?
A. Detach
B. Unload and reload
C. Bind

Only C
Only A and B
Only A
Only B and C
All of the above

Which system variable command would you use so that temporary prompt lines are displayed when an undocked command window is set to display. What is the maximum value of number of prompt lines that could be displayed ?


While working on AutoCAD you set the MSLTSCALE to 1 so that while working on the editor tab the model space diagram does not have any problem.Which linetype scale would be responsible for inconsistent line in the paper space?

None of these

You are working with autocad 2016. You come across a .stb plot style table while working on a design. If you are given the following statements with respect to the file mentioned above comment on their validity?
S1: The file is for a named plot style table
S2: It can be used to plot objects independent of their colour

S1: True

S1: False
S2: True

S1: False
S2: False

S1: True
S2: True

You want to be able to distinguish the point where three planes that have been detected for a point cloud meet in Autocad 2016. Which of these commands would you utilize in order to do so?


You are recording an object snap in Autocad 2016. While taking the snaps you wish for it to ignore all hatch objects present in the design. Which of these system variables need to be configured in order to do so?


Select the incorrect statement regarding the usage of exact angles(ORTHO and POLAR TRACKING) in autocad 2016?

When you are using Polar Tracking, you have the ability to specify angles as an absolute angle
Under polar tracing along with the increment angle, additional angle can be used.
The Ortho function will force the lines to be at right angles
Ortho and Polar Tracking can be used simultaneously.

Which application tool will you use in AutoCAD2016 to save the document in pdf format, which also supports unicode characters?

Printer/plotter drop down list
Batch plot tools
Sheet set manager
All of these

Which of the following are possible ways a command can be initiated?
S1: Entering the command in dynamic input tooltip.

S2: Making a selection on a ribbon and toolbar.
S3: Searching the command from the command table setting its value to 1 from 0.

S2 & S3 is true
S1 is false

S1 & S3 is true
S2 is false

S1 & S2 is true
S3 is false

S1, S2 & S3 are true

You turn polar tracking on for a certain plot drawing with the help of the respective function key. Which of the following function key features will be  disabled as a result of this ?


You are moving from a printing device that is dimensional to a printing device that is dimensionless. What system variable would you need to use to control the plot scaling on this device?


You are working on an Xref drawing in autocad 2016. If the value of the XREFOVERRIDE is set to 1 all properties for  the corresponding xref objects behave as which of these?


Determine the incorrect statement, while giving a layer name in Autocad 2016?

The name should not exceed 256 characters
Space is allowed while giving a name to the layer
$character is not allowed
Both a and b

Which of the following command in AutoCAD 2016 allows you to insert content such as blocks, xrefs, and hatch patterns?
Note:-It is different from what it was in the previous version as this command DesignCentre has been replaced with Autodesk Seek.

None of these

The following statements are made regarding offsetting a surface.
A) The offset direction of a parallel image cannot be reversed
B) Offset works in only one direction at a time
C) When offsetting two surfaces it is by default that the surface remain connected
Which of these statements are true?

Only A
Only B
Only C
Both A & C
None of these

Which of these function keys in Autocad 2016 would you utilize to toggle the running object snaps feature?


Assume that you are using a large drawing. In this drawing, there is a layer that you would not be accessing for some time. What icon would you be clicking if you would not want to see them for a while?


While you are on the current layer, which of the following operations cannot be performed?

Freezing the current layer
Turning off the current layer
Locking the current laye
Both a and b

You are working on a very sensitive design in Autocad 2016 and wish to temporarily disable the dynamic input feature in order to do so. Which of these function keys would you utilize for this purpose ?


You are working on the precision of a model in AutoCad 2016. Which of these precision features are you likely to utilize if you want to snap in to the nearest preset angle at a specified distance?

Polar tracking
Linear tracking
Object snap
Grid  snap

Which of the following statements regarding Scaling methods are true?
A) The Original Method allows you to create geometry, annotate, and print from model space.
B) The Layout Method allows you to create geometry and annotate in model space, but you cannot print from layout.
C) The Annotative Method allows you to create geometry in model space, and can be printed from the layout.

Only B
Both A & C
Both B & C
All of these

While working on AutoCAD 2016 you wish to change
1.  macros and tooltips for commands
2.control properties when using rollover tooltips and Quick Properties palette.
3. keyboard shortcuts and temporary overrides.
Which editor is used to perform the above changes?

XML based CUIx
Ribbon panel
None of these

Arrange the following set of steps in order that are required to set the Resize style of a ribbon panel
1. Clicking the + next to ribbon tab containing the ribbon panel to be changed
2. Clicking the + next to the tabs node in order to expand it
3. Opening the customize tab, customization in <file name> pane, clicking the + next to the ribbon tab in order to expand it
4. Selecting the ribbon panel that is needed to be changed
5. Opening the  Properties pane then Resize Style box, selecting an option  from (Collapse as Needed, Never Collapse, or Collapse Last)


You are asked to enter the coordinates of a point 5 inches from the last point and at a relative angle of 90 degrees from it in relative polar coordinate format. Choose the appropriate option in the given scenario?


Select the correct option regarding the statements given below about the ARC (Command)
Statement A:  You can draw a counterclockwise arc from the start point using a center point and with a specified included angle.
Statement B: A clockwise arc will be drawn if the angle provided is Positive.

Only Statement A is correct
Only Statement B is correct
Both the statements are correct
Neither of the statements are correct

You have created a project in AutoCAD using the metric units but your client wants to see the project in Imperial units.What should be the configuration values of  INSUNITS, INSUNITSDEFSOURCE and INSUNITSDEFTARGET so as to obtain the desired output?


You  are working on a Section object in Autocad 2016, Which of these will not be contained in a slice type for this object?

Parallel front section plane
Parallel back section plane
All of these

Consider the following statements regarding Express Tool MKLTYPE linetype. Which of these statements stand true ?
A) If a linetype with the same name as one that already exists in the selected LIN file is created the existing linetype is overwritten, but the rest of the file remains intact.
B)If a linetype begins with an empty segment, the program adds a dot to the beginning of the definition.
C)Polylines that are created with complex linetypes displays shapes better if PLINEGEN is 0.

Both A & C
Only A
Both A & B
Only C

When using multiline text you want to save your settings for future use. Which of the following commands can be used to do so?


You require to convert all of your blocks to files in order to use them in the current drawing. Which of the following commands can be used for the same?


It is given that you would like to temporarily disable all snapping and tracking. What shortcut would you use in autocad to do so?


While using the Hatch and gradient dialog box, what notation is used at unconnected endpoints of boundary objects to identify gaps in hatch boundary? How can these notations be removed?

Red circles, using Regen command
Blue Boxes,using Redraw command
Red boxes,using Redraw command
Blue Circles,using Regen command

When using AutoCAD 2016 you use DesignCenter to drag hatch patterns into your drawing. After entering * as search name in Hatch Pattern Files tab search option, what type of file is displayed? (assuming you are searching for hatch patterns)


Which of these tools in AutoCAD will you access from the annotate ribbon panel,so that you can highlight the drawing?

Revamped Revision cloud

You are exporting a drawing as a PDF file. There are some text objects that use SHX fonts present in this drawing. You want to ensure that when the exporting occurs these text objects are stored as comments. What system variable would you modify if you would like this to happen?


You want to acquire a tracking point for an object snap in Autocad 2016. Which of these keys would be useful for doing so ?


While printing a drawing sheet you find out that you need to change the printable area of the sheet. In order to do so, which of the following operations would you be doing?
Assume that you are using a layout

Change the plot offset
Change the plot height
Set the plot area
Change the plot scale

After completing the design or drawing on AutoCAD, when someone goes back to open or browse the same tab, the normal dialogue box doesn't open. Instead the dialogue appears in the command line. What is the reason behind this?

The FILEDIA system variable is not fixed in command prompt.
The FILEDIA system variable is fixed to 0.
The platform needs to be updated which will automatically resolve the problem of dialogue box.
None of these.

Which of the following command positions the drawing view without changing the zoom factor?

Zoom Command
Pan Command
Freeze Command
Lock command

While you are editing the dimensions using GRIPS, which of the following operations can be performed?
A. Relocate the dimension origin.
B. Move, rotate, copy, mirror, or scale the dimensions
C. Position the text anywhere along the dimension line.

Only A and B
Only B and C
Only B
All of the above

If the requirement is to enter 43.0ø ( Diameter symbol (ø)) which of the following alternatives need to entered?


While editing some of the saved drawings, there appears an error message "the Ribbon doesn't have any tabs or panels currently loaded". What will make the ribbon button reappear?

By uninstalling some of the third party applications from AutoCAD Exchange.
By typing Menu in command prompt and selecting Acad.cuix and launching it.
Both a and b
None of these.

As an Autocad expert you are drawing the outline of a floor and you wish to move the view in paperspace layout. Which of these drawing views are referred to as projected views that can be moved in any layout?


While using the plot command to plot a drawing to a printer, which of the following is the correct outcome when it is given that Uncompressed Textures has been turned on?

The quality of images drops when they are plotted
The quality of images remains the same when they are plotted
The quality of images increases when they are plotted
Cannot be determined

How can you prohibit switching of the drawings when drifting on the DWG tab thumbnail?

By setting the system variable FILETABTHUMBHOVER to 0.
By switching off the FILETABPREVIEW variable
By completely disabling the DWG file tabs.
All of the above
None of the above

You have the drawing of the side view of a car. You would like to use a selection such that all objects that are present beyond an area that is as long as the wheelbase of the car are not part of the selection set.
What type of selection would you use?

Regular selection
Crossing selection
Window selection
None of the above

You need to convert lines and arcs to a polyline. Which of the following alternatives is most suitable in the given scenario?

Polyline edit, convert option
Polyline edit, join operation
Polyline edit, Union option
Polyline edit, Edit option

You are using AutoCAD 2016 to draw the blueprint of your project and using Advance steel 2016 to give details to your steel in the project, but you are not able to save the drawing template file. Which of these tips could help you save your file?

Changing the template extension to .docx
Changing the template extension to SV$
Specifying the template measurements and saving it with same name
Specifying the template measurements and saving it with another name

How can one fix the problem of auto rotating of 3D object around its axis while someone is using the orbit or free orbit command in AutoCAD?

Right Click to start the Shortcut Menu > Select Other Navigation Modes > Constrained Orbit
Right Click to start the Shortcut Menu > Constrained Orbit > Select Other Navigation Modes
Right Click to Other Navigation Mode > Constrained Orbit > Turning it off with the Right Click
The problem can't be fixed

This question is based on the graphic shown below.
You have to create a drawing of a house plan. You would like to ensure that doors do not strike each other when opened and closed (when the house is created). Which of the following is the most convenient geometric object to use to do this?


An object has been plotted at the following scale
plotted at 1.4=1
What can be said about the plotted image?

It will be larger than the original object
It will be smaller than the original object
It will be equal in size to the original object
It depends on other plot scale settings

You utilize the CONVERTPSTYLES command to make changes to a drawing in AutoCad 2016. When this is done the value  of a certain system variable is set. Determine the value of this variable if it is color dependent?


It is required that you ensure that your current drawing file is reviewed by someone in a remote location. Which of the following is the most appropriate method to do this?

Share a PDF created from the drawing file
Export the drawing as a Design Web Format file
Use the Autodesk A360 web application
Any of the above can be done

Which of these color options allow you to maximize the usage of colors available in TGA file format?

8 Bits(Grayscale)
24 Bits

This question is based on the graphic shown below.
Suppose the image on the left has been created but you want to insert it as the image on the right into the current drawing. Determine the correct coordinates of the 2nd one?

X= 1
Y = -1

X= -1
Y = 1

X= -1
Y = -1

None of the above

If the requirement is to bend the extension lines through the specified angle, which of the following options of the dimension text edit tool can be used?


Using the quick dimension command you can insert a group of dimensions in one shot. Determine which of the following is not one of the commands of Quick Dimension?


Why does a user generally face difficulty in finding out the boundary in the current view?

Because the fine tuning option for boundary behavior is not present.
Because boundary retention is impossible while working on AutoCAD
Because lot of the graphic data is available in the current view.
None of the above

Which of the following methods in AUTOCAD can be used for specifying the locations of points when we create planar geometric entities?
1) Direct Distance entry technique
2) Interactive method
3) Coordinate Command Method
4) User Coordinate system

All of them
Only 1,2

You have chosen the geometric object as given here in the diagram. For which of these use cases will you NOT be able to use this geometric shape?
1:Long continuous paths for which the total length need to be calculated

2:Figures that possess segments that are of fixed width
3:Diagrams that have pipes

Only 1
Only 1 and 2
Only 2 and 3
All 1,2 and 3
None of the above

Which of the following is correct regarding the below statements
S1: You can move 3d objects only by selecting square grip
S2: The Z-plane is unaffected even after using Mirror and rotate from the modify panel.
S3: Currently active UCS is used to determine the local coordinate system of a newly created block.

S1 is true
S2 & S3 is false

S1 & S3 are true
S2 is false

S3 is true
S1 & S2 is false

S1, S2 & S3 are true

Which of the following is true about the functioning of locking layers?
1. Locked layer can be seen on the screen and new objects can be added to it
2.  Changes can be made to the new/old objects
3. Changes cannot be made to the new/old objects

Both 1 and 3
Neither 1 nor 2

You are using grips to edit objects. Determine which of the following command will not be available to you?


Which of the following commands need to be utilised in Autocad 2016 in order to view the plot style settings?
[Assume  that the display plot style option has already been enabled]


Which of the tools can be used to create smart break and maintain associative dimensions if you have dimension lines crossing?

Dimjogline tool
Dimspace command
Dimbreak tool
Both a and b

You are working on a plot design in autocad 2016. You want to use a particular plot style that was used earlier. Which of these folders would you look for in order to locate the appropriate plot style?

Plot Style Catalog
Plot Style Manager
Plot Style Library
Plot Style Collection

You are required to create a large drawing of a train that has identical wheels. You have created a wheel that you would need to copy to the rest of the train.
For simplicity assume that the wheels occur with a constant gap between subsequent wheels.
What operation can you use to help you with this?

Using a repeating 'two points method' copy operation
Using a repeating 'Distance method' copy operation
Use copy with ARRAY option
Use copy with LINKED option

This question is based on the graphic shown below.
While working with autocad 2016, you can set the hatch draw order relative to other objects. Which of the following alternatives correctly determines the hatch draw order for the given diagrams?

1. Send to Back
2. Bring to Front

1. Bring to Front
2. Send to Back

1.Send Behind Boundary
2. Bring in Front of Boundary

1. Bring in Front of Boundary
2. Send Behind Boundary

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