Customer Service Test Upwork

Your employer explains that several tasks that your coworkers used to perform for customers will now be part of your duties. How should you proceed?

Refuse, explaining that it's outside of your original job description.
Accept these new duties. They can't be that hard.
Complain to your coworkers about the increased workload.
Accept your new duties and ask your employer for resources to teach you how to best perform them for your clients and customers.

Why is customer feedback important?

It will improve your chance for promotion
To identify areas that need improvement
To ensure job security
It is not important as long as you made the customer happy

Identify the statement that reflects the use of positive language in interacting with the customer around product availability and shipping:

I can't get you that product until 3 weeks from now; its on back-order and unavailable at this time
We can't guarantee you that you'll get the product this month
That product will actually be available within the next 3 weeks. I can place the order for you and make sure that it is delievered rush order to you as soon as it reaches our distribution center!
We can't give you an exact date as to when it will reach our distribution center
We can't recommend another retailer

What are examples of gamification in customer service?

Leaving a comment on their forum post
Voting up their forum post and showing the number of votes
Awarding badge icons based on the number of questions answered such as levels 1-9
A progress bar on completing a forum post

You've just finished helping a customer with a complicated request when they ask you to help them with another request that is not part of your normal duties. How should you proceed?

Explain to the client that you may not be the best person for the job.
Offer to help in any way that you can, but explain that you may need some help of your own to do the job right the first time.
Politely refuse to help and send them to a coworker who is more knowledgeable.
Call in a supervisor to assist you.

Your client comes to you with a problem you've seen before. You understand its cause and what effects their particular issue can have. Which of the following decisions are the next best step?

Solving the problem the way you have before.
Doing some research to make sure your previous solutions will still work.
Decide between options using all of the resources available to you.
Ask a coworker to make the decision for you.
Both B & C

What are the components of a good customer service strategy

online forums and Knowledge Base
email and telephone service
live chat
social media
all of the above

Select the following true statements:
Note: There may be more than one right answer.

Artificial Intelligence is an attempt to mimic humans.
Artificial Intelligence is emerging into the customer service industry.
Artificial Intelligence is not a significant concept.
None of the above

What is a service oriented company?

A company which hires only employees with customer service experience
All employees are required to take a pre-employment customer service exam
All departments within the company address customer service
All of the above

Customer's touchpoints include:  (check all that apply)
Note: There may be more than one right answer.

visiting your website
reading your company's ads
reading your company's reviews
contacting your customer service department

What are some best practices around social media and customer service:

Decide on a primary social media channel
Ensure that the profile indicates the hours of operation
Make sure to be monitoring all the other social media in case customers decide to communicate about the company
Ensure that social media posts include at least the Initials of the sender for tracking purposes
All of the above

What are the main benefits for leveraging online forums as part of your customer service program:

Customers are able to comment or answer questions together in a community and this reduces support costs
Detailed answered don't need to be recreated each time, you can simply reference the response in the online forum
It's another way to boost Search Engine Optomisation (SEO) for support issues
customers become brand advocates and potentially bring new customers to the company through word of mouth (WOM)
all of the above

Customer loyalty is the key objective of:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Overall success of the customer service team
There is no such thing as customer loyalty
Personal customer service

Your role is to handle questions related to products.  When you receive a billing inquiry you should:

Advise the customer they will have to call back and speak to accounting
Transfer to Marianne in accounting whose role is to discuss billing arrangements with customers
Quickly look at the customer's billing information and advise them of the payment date
Try and explain the payment details to the customer
Take the credit card information from the customer

Actively listening involves:

Good eye contact
Asking clarifying questions
Taking notes
All of the above

Select the statement or statements that are True:
Note: There may be more than one right answer.

Satisfied customers are loyal customers
Companies which focus on customer service have less employee turnover
Customer service increases revenue
There is no such thing as a loyal customer

A client asks for help and the solution you're trained to use doesn't help. What is the best way forward?

Search for an alternative solution, polling coworkers, your supervisor, and by doing research on the internet.
Pass the client up the chain of command. Your supervisor will know what to do.
Suggest another employee might have the insight needed to assist the customer.
Give the client the number of another company that might have the solution.

You are at the front desk and swamped with customers demanding your attention and help. Several of them are talking to you at the same time. What is your best course of action?

Try to get a word in edgewise and work through the backlog of customers as best you can.
Raise your voice without shouting, explaining that you're only one person and that you'll try to help everyone if they'll just act like adults.
Focus on one customer while ignoring the rest.
Politely explain that you're happy to help, but that you need to go get someone to handle the rush. Find a coworker or supervisor to assist you with the crowd.

Select the phrase or phrases that display negative language:
Note: There may be more than one right answer.

Unfortunately we do not have that in stock
I can understand your frustration with this
As you know we are unable to order it at this time
All of the above

What are the benefits of using Facebook chat bots in customer service( check all that apply)

It's an easy way to access customers already on Facebook
Facebook chat bots hold the data from previous conversations to create an automated knowledge base
It means less repetition Simce you can program chat bots to take the less complicated questions
A & B
All of the above

What is an example of a "soft skill"? (select all that apply)
Note: There may be more than one right answer.

creative thinking
web design
time management

You are about to go on vacation for a week and have outstanding service tickets that need attention. How do you handle this?

You'll get to the support tickets after you get back from vacation
You quickly send a message to your manager via internal chat saying "have a great week"
Flag the support tickets and alert the appropiate team members by email
Create an auto-responder email saying you are on vacation
Write comments on each ticket that there are delays

Communication skills include:  

team building
all of the above

Why is good customer service important for companies?

All companies have good customer service departments
It makes the company stand out against its competition
People want to buy from all companies
People want to buy the cheapest product, no matter what the customer service is like

A customer received a gift from a friend that was ordered online and wishes to order the return labels on their own. The general policy states that the gift giver is suppose to order these. What is the best response:

Unfortunately we can't make exceptions.
Request that the customer  write an email explaining the details of the situation.
Tell the customer to get in touch with the person that sent them the gift
You clarify with your manager and get the exception ensuring a positive customer experience .
Get the customers email address and send a 20% coupon

Once you have identified a problem faced by a customer, which of the following is the best next step?

Fixing the problem the same way you always have.
Defining the specifics of the problem so you can manage its parts and understand its consequences.
Passing the customer along to tech support.
Writing a log of the situation so the problem won't happen again in the future.

A customer asks you how your day is going. How should you reply?

Have a conversation about it. You're both people, after all.
Politely explain that it's none of their business.
Tell them about the crazy guy who almost ran into your car at the stop light earlier, and how scared it made you!
Give a short, positive response before moving on and seeing to the needs of the customer.

Pick the the statement that best applies to the customer service experience:

Providing good customer service is a continuous learning process.
Your duties to the customer are strictly defined by your employer.
You should never spend time researching how to meet new customer needs.
The customer is always right, with no exceptions.

You found yourself dealing with an angry customer and it seems they've called into the company before. What are some of the best statements to express: (check all that apply)
Note: There may be more than one right answer.

"I imagine this must've been very upsetting"
"I'm Sorry" or "I'd like to apologize on behalf of the company"
"If you can just stay on the line, I'll review the file and see if we can't do something about this tonight"
"Now that we solved the problem, is there anything else that we can do for you?"
Just because your angry doesn't mean you can dump on me"

What is customer strategy?

A career path for Customer Service Representatives
A product development plan
A plan to acquire and retain customers
A plan used by the company for unhappy customers

Which is an example of positive language?

"I'm not sure about that"
"That is out of my control"
"Let me try to find out for you"
"I will get an answer for you and call you back within the hour"

Your supervisor surprises you with an additional project for a client that is urgent. How should you react?

Tell your supervisor that the extra work stresses you out, and that someone else might do a better job.
Ask a coworker to do the parts of the project you don't understand.
Poll your coworkers on what they would do on the project.
Ask questions that help you understand the specifics of the project and the needs of the client before starting your work on it.

What is the first step in understanding the changing needs of your customers over time?

Ask your coworkers.
Read about your business or industry online.
Listen to your customers and ask questions about what they are looking for.
Request information on the topic from your employer.

Good customer service results in: (check all that apply)
Note: There may be more than one right answer.

Increased sales
Customer loyalty
Better benefits
Word of mouth advertising

A client asks you when a new service will be available. Choose the best example of positive language to use when giving them the answer:

“That service will be available early next month. I can take your information and add you to our mailing list so you'll be alerted when it's ready to go.”
“Sorry, we don't have a hard date for that. You'll have to check back later.”
“I have no idea, you can call back in a week or two.”
“It's not ready just yet, and there may be a waiting list when it does become available.”

What are the key elements in the second email message that make it correct for customer service(check all that apply):
Note: There may be more than one right answer.

The email subject line is too vague
The email line tells the customer that action is required
The email tells the customer the company appreciates their support
The email states the problem in the 1st line
The company can process the credit card without authorization

You have been left alone to handle the office for a short time. A customer comes in and asks you to do something for them that you're not sure how to do. You should:

Politely explain to the customer that you're unsure about the process, but if they will be patient with you, you'll do your best to help them with their problem.
Politely explain that you don't know how to do it and ask them to return later.
Make the customer wait and immediately call your supervisor for help.
Close the office until the rest of your coworkers return.

A customer complains to you about a product she purchased from your company, which was broken when she opened it. Choose the best response.

Apologize to the customer and offer to replace the item using positive language.
Explain that this is a known issue within the company and offer a replacement.
Escalate the complaint to your supervisor.
Offer to replace the item and refund the cost to the customer as long as she doesn't tell anyone.

What is the #1 thing customers want when using social media?

A platform to complain about their experience
Customers rarely use social media
They feel they will get a better deal
A quick response to their problem

Your client complains to your supervisor that you are difficult to work with, then comes to talk to you about it. What is the best response?

Tell the client that you can find someone else to help them.
Apologize for any problem and be patient with the client, listening to their complaints and thanking them for their feedback.
Explain to the client that you've had a bad week.
Don't speak with the client. If they went to the supervisor, the problem is out of your hands.

Once you've implemented a solution for a client's problem, what is the best next step?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.

Examine the results to avoid repeating the problem in the future and monitoring the outcome to make sure your solution worked.
Nothing. You solved the problem.
Speak with your coworkers about the problem and collaborate together in order to provide consistent resolution to this issue.
Identifying the cause of the problem.

You are helping an elderly client face-to-face, and they are very hard of hearing. What is the best way to speak to them?

Raise your voice to just below a shout so you can be sure they hear you.
Require them to read questions you write down for them.Patiently explain that you will need to bring in someone who knows how to help them.
Speak slowly and enunciate your words clearly, keeping your voice just above normal speaking volume.
Patiently explain that you will need to bring in someone who knows how to help them.

What is a care token?

A gesture made by the company after the customer has had a bad experience
A gift bag given to all new customers
A bonus given by the company to their employees
None of the above

A customer is being verbally abusive to you and is not responding when you ask him to stop. What should your next step be?

Ask the customer to leave and to take their business elsewhere.
Politely excuse yourself and alert your supervisor to the situation, bringing them in to make sure the belligerent customer is handled correctly.
Respond to the customer with an equal level of anger.
Wait until the customer is done and call the police.

In order to resolve a problem with the customer you must: (choose all that apply)
Note: There may be more than one right answer.

Work together to come up with a solution
Ask questions to find out the nature of the problem
Listen to the customer explain their problem
Ask them if they want to speak to a supervisor

What are some of the key questions to have in mind when trying to identify a problem that might not be obvious when the customer calls in:

What is the customer calling about
Is there a known issue that other customers have also called in to discuss
What is the customer hoping that the company can improve on
Is there a potential issue on the customer side that the company may not be able to address
all of the above

What is customer motivation?

Discounts offered by the company
The first impression a customer has of the company or service
The customer's need to feel special
The reason people choose to buy certain products or services

Active listening skills include: (mark all that apply)
Note: There may be more than one right answer.

Respond appropriately
Reflect what the customer is saying
Put aside distracting thoughts
Show the customer that you are listening

An influential twitter user tweeted publicly they weren't happy with the view from their hotel room. What is the best response:

You tweet back that there are no other rooms available
Direct message them a coupon for their next visit
Delete the conversation from your twitter stream
Reach out to the hotel staff and arrange for a new room and a tray of assorted snacks with a thank you note
Advise that only American Express gold card members have this option available.

A company has been sending representatives to rural locations for several years to discuss issues with their clients. These clients like "Face to Face" interactions. What can be done to lower costs (check all that apply)
Note: There may be more than one right answer.

Set up a telephone hotline
Provide webcams or provide a laptop with video capabilities
Pay for an unlimited bandwith internet package to ensure the client can contact the company at any time
Fly the customers to the regional office for quarterly meetings
Tell those customers to find another company to deal with

It's the end of your shift and you've found yourself on the other end of a telephone call with an irate customer who called in to fix an issue on their account. How do you handle the call?

You apologize on behalf of the company
You show a level of empathy so the customer feels like they're being listened to
Accept that the responsibility falls on the company to attempt to solve the issue
Even though its late, you know that you can speak to the right department to get the request in to fix the issue
All of the above

During a customer online chat, you discover that you've been "trolled" and the customer is insulting both you and the company. What is the best way to deal with this person?

Try and regain control of the conversation and answer their questions
Type back: "How dare you insult me and the company, screw you!"
Kindly thank them for their time and suggest they can always contact the company again when they have questions
Escalate the chat to a senior manager who can address the concerns of the customer
Match the tone of the person trolling the company

Which of the following is an example of "describing your actions" in a live chat with a customer (check all that apply)
Note: There may be more than one right answer.

Please hold while I  look into that issue
Just a moment and I will get that information for you
Telling the customer to hold
I'm now going to transfer you to technical support
Closing the chatbox without warning

A customer has a question that you do not know the answer to.  What step should you take?

Tell the customer you will find the answer for him/her
Transfer the customer along to someone you feel will have the answer
Tell the customer you will call them back
None of the above

What 2 elements are involved in CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.

Organizing customer data
Strategically applying customer data
Creating team building exercises within the department
Using data to determine promotions within the company

A regular client asks you to bend the rules for them, making an exception because of their loyalty to your business. What is the best way to defuse the situation?

Refuse the request and inform your supervisor.
Refuse the request and explain that you can no longer do business with them.
Refuse the request politely, explaining that you can't bend or break the rules for any client and that you appreciate their business. Afterward, inform your supervisor.
Refuse the request and let your coworkers know in case the customer decides to approach them to bend the rules.

Why is live chat an effective part of a customer service program?

Cuts down on the number of customer service tickets
It deals with customer service problems in real-time
It means less customers calling into a call centre
its a simple click of a button for customers to talk to customer service
All of the above

A customer calls you with a problem, but you're having a hard time understanding the exact issue because they don't use the same jargon you do at your company. What is the best way to narrow down the problem to better identify it?

Ask the customer for specific technical details.
Call in a coworker to see if they understand what the customer is talking about.
Escalate the call to your supervisor.
Gather basic information about the problem, such as when it started, if it has happened before, and what effect it's having.

Which are examples of Intelligent Assistants?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.

Voice mail
Google Now
All of the above

You are speaking with a customer who has a limited vocabulary and seems confused by some of the words you use. You should:

Continue to speak as you have been, and let them deal with it.
Try to gauge their vocabulary use and adjust the way you speak to match it and make yourself easier to understand.
Pass them off to a coworker.
Ask them what level of education they have and try to use that information to adjust your speech.

After a recent flight, a customer tweets out that the handle on their suitcase was broken in the baggage handling process. What are pro-active steps that can be done?

Publically Tweet back that they're out of luck. The airline doesn't cover the damage
Request the customer follow you on twitter, DM with instructions on where to find the claim form and advise its a 2 week process
Publically tweet back with the 800# and tell them to call baggage claims
DM advising the client that the airline would be more than happy to provide a voucher for a new suitecase
B & D

The grandchildren of an elderly lady arrive at the airport to discover that  her connecting flight has been cancelled. What would you tell them if they do not know how to contact her?

Advise the grandchildren that under federal law that information could not be disclosed.
Advise them that it would be next to impossible to find their grandma in the system
Give them a list of airport codes and get them to look up the service desk numbers individually.
Offer to call the service desk in the city where the connecting flight was suppose to occur and work with that team to find the grandma and update the family on the situation
Advise you could find the city location but don't have time to call the service desk

Two customers are talking to you at the same time, making it impossible for you to help either of them. What is your best course of action?

Wait it out until they're done talking, then ask how you can help.
Ignore both of them if they're going to act like children.
Try to get their attention and signal that you'd like to speak. Politely explain that you'd be happy to help both of them but can only do so one at a time.
Call in a supervisor to assist you.

After giving a long, detailed explanation to a client, they tell you that they couldn't understand you. What is the correct response?

Tell them that they should have paid better attention when you spoke, as your time is valuable.
Ask them what part they didn't understand and repeat it.
Call in a supervisor to assist.
Apologize for the inconvenience, and explain everything again. Make sure to speak clearly and occasionally check with the client that they can understand you.

Can Instagram be used for customer service purposes?

There isn't a direct message option on instagram
What are you going to do? Take a picture of yourself?
Your company is already using the instagram "contact us" button as a way for customers to directly get in contact with your customer service team
Instagram is an excellent marketing tool but not a customer service channel
The only way to do customer service is to scour the comments section on instagram

A colleague promised a customer that the company would explore a feature recommendation. What is the most appropriate response:

For sure! We'll get our engineering team right on it
It's an awesome idea. We should have you Skype with our product manager
Thanks for the idea but you're the 100th person in line for a conversation with the founder of the company
We appreciate the fact that you took the time to submit the feature request.  We unfortunately can't execute on it at this time. We do have some exciting things lined up this year though and will keep you posted.
Can we send you an Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to discuss the feature request ?

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