Customer Service Test Fiverr part 2

If a customer gets in touch with you with a problem but fails to describe it, you should:

Tell them to take their time and get back in touch sometime later
Ask them specific questions which can help them move ahead
Ignore them because they are likely just wasting your time
Wait some days to see if they get back in touch with more clarity. If they do not, then follow things up with them.

Which of the following are things that can help build a great relationship with the customers?

Offering rewards
Adding a personal touch
Staying in touch
All of the above

Asking an unhappy customer not to leave a negative review on social media can be counterproductive as it may make them think you care less about them and more about your public image.


Why is giving a customer the required information considered good customer service?

It makes the customer feel they got something for nothing.
It makes the customer feel guilty if they ever have a problem.
It allows you to upsell to the customer something they do not need.
It allows you to add value for the customer and help them make an informed decision.

How can a company create an atmosphere of continuous improvement and have employees who strive to perform?

By reducing headcount by 10% each year
By making it mandatory for the employees to attend company meetings
By offering incentives, both financial and non financial, for good performance
By telling the employees that mystery callers will evaluate them

What is meant by a "hard no"?

Saying 'no' to the customer but offering alternatives
Saying 'yes' to the customer at first but switching to 'no' later
Saying 'yes' to the customer with no intention of following through
Saying 'no' to the customer and offering no alternative solution

Suppose that you have a customer who has unrealistic expectations regarding the time by which you can deliver your service. What is the best way to deal with them?

Promise that you will deliver them your service whenever they want, no matter how.
Raise the bar and shorten the delivery time not just for this customer but for everyone else.
Offer them an apology and tell them you are unable to fulfill their request.
None of the above.

Why do the customers' needs change according to the nature of the situation?

People are fickle and want different things even in the same situation depending on different occasions.
Needs are different depending on what the customer values as important under the circumstances.
Needs changed according to the financial situation of the customer at the time.
The customer can probably be talked into focusing on their wants instead of needs.

What is the purpose of FAQ's (frequently asked questions)?

To give the website more content which looks impressive
To spur the customers to ask additional questions
To position the company as an industry leader
To answer questions customers often have so they can easily find the answer without having to ask

The objectives of customer relationship management are all of the following EXCEPT:

Improving your products/services
Identifying gaps in customer expectations and customer service
Maximizing profits
Creating a lasting relationship with the customer

What would a monotone and flat voice indicate to a customer?

The person is energetic and wants to help.
The person is bored and uninterested in the conversation.
The person is angry.
The person doesn't believe what they are hearing.

What should be done with an irate customer after they have vented out and explained their situation?

Ask them to call back later when they have calmed down.
Express empathy.
Put them on hold and pass them onto a manager.
Issue them a refund regardless of the problem.

What is a data warehouse?

A single database for the CRM program
The physical warehouse where the company servers are stored
A database that stores information from several other data sources, allowing a CRM system to query multiple databases from one location
A program that is used to create financial reports

Customer complaints are gaps between what the customers expect and what a business is able to deliver them.


What does CRM software allow a company to do?

Create one to many relationships with customer groups
Create many to one relationships with customers
Send financial reports to the management
Create a one to one relationship with each customer.

Which of the following is/are true regarding Customer Relationship Management?

Negative feedback from new customers is more damaging than negative feedback from existing customers.
Negative feedback from existing customers is more damaging than negative feedback from new customers.
Negative feedback can be damaging if left unresolved no matter where it comes from.
None of the above.

What is the first step in mollifying a customer who has received bad service?

Ask the customer what the problem is.
Try to offer him/her something for free to pacify him/her.
Ask him/her to submit a complaint first.
Express regrets and promise to provide better service in future.

An unhappy customer wants to cancel their subscription of your services. What should you do?

Apologize that they are cancelling
Tell them they are making a grave mistake
Ask them the reason behind cancelling
None of the above

Which of the following is an example of a care token?

A computer manufacturer fixes your new laptop under warranty
A retail chain accepts your return
Offering an employee a raise for good performance
A restaurant gives you a free glass of wine because you mention to the waiter you didn't enjoy the wine like you had hoped

What should be said to a customer when putting them on hold?

Say nothing. Just put them on hold.
Say "just a minute"; then put them on hold.
Ask them first if it is okay to put them on hold for a moment.
Tell them they need to hold for several minutes.

Consider the following statement and select the best answer option.
The best way to find out customers’ expectations is to ask them what their expectations are.

No, never. You should instead ask those who have been in the business for a long time because they know it best.
Yes, because no one knows the customers better than the customers themselves.
No, because asking the customers what they expect would make you look like you have not done your homework well.
Yes, but only if you are a new business. Old businesses know their customers inside out.

What would perfect customer relationship management entail?

Saving the company money
Immediate customer gratification and personalized interactions with each customer
Reducing the call times of customer complaints
Increased visibility into the financial situation of the company

What is meant by taking a top down approach to creating a strategy?

Having customer service agents work in management
Creating high level initiatives only
Starting by building strategies upwards from the customer level
Having high level managers work in customer service for a short period of time so they can experience it before laying down policies

What general rule does phone etiquette require customer service representatives to follow?

Ask the other party how you can help them.
Say "Hello?" then pause.
Ask them for their name or customer number before greeting them.
Try to redirect the caller to someone else.

Between replying to a customer query immediately without any concrete solution and replying to a customer query with some delay but with a concrete solution, which one is more likely to make the customer happy with your service?

Replying immediately without any concrete solution
Replying with some delay but with a concrete solution

Are complaining customers good for the business? Why or why not?

Yes, they help us know the areas where we can improve.
No, they take up a lot of the precious resources which could have been used more productively elsewhere.
Yes, they help us reduce customer complaints by letting us know what’s hurting the customers.
No, they create a negative image of the business, which is neither objective nor fair.

Why should a firm say they are sorry even if they feel the customer is wrong?

The firm can later tell the customer he/she was actually the wrong one, after he/she has calmed down.
The firm should always take the blame and learn from it.
The focus should be on finding out what would satisfy the customer and solving the problem, not determining blame.
They can later put the blame on a third party.

How important is voice and tone in a customer service email?

Not important at all. Written communication cannot have a voice and a tone.
Very important. Voice and tone can tell the customer how much you care about them.
Depends on who your customer is. Some customers care about it; others don’t.
It used be important when email emerged as a new medium of providing customer service. No more.

When dealing with an unhappy customer, you should do all of the following EXCEPT:


What would be a good opening line in replying to an irate customer's email?

Please call customer service.
We are glad you are enjoying our product/service.
Thank you for your email, we are sorry to hear about the problem you have.
We will get back to you within 7 days.

Good customer service is about all of the following EXCEPT:

Connecting with the customers
Doing more than the customers would expect
Telling people how great you are with a lot of testimonials
Providing best quality service

How can a company's online ordering process be made more customer friendly?

Ask for lots of details so the customer can be catered to in the future.
Try to sell customers additional products and services unsolicited.
Place ads on the order page for additional products.
Only ask for information necessary to process the order.

Which of the following help gauge the needs of the customers?

Online reviews
Social media platforms
Customer surveys
Customer complaints
All of the above

If a customer insists that you offer them a discount even though there is no ongoing promotion, you should:

Tell them that you can recommend the best package for them based on their needs
Tell them that you will let them know whenever there is an upcoming promotion
Both a and b
Neither a nor b

All of the following statements about customer needs are true EXCEPT:

Customer needs and preferences keep changing all the time. What was true yesterday may not be true today.
No one knows customer needs better than the top management.
Knowing customer needs is a process that never stops.
Customer needs vary across regions, gender, age, and a whole lot of other things.

What should be the first thing to be done in problem solving?

Verify the information the customer has provided and any additional facts if required.
Tell the customer they will get whatever they want.
Tell the customer you'll see what you can do but not to expect much.
Look for errors in the customer's story.

Which of the following would be considered going the extra mile in resolving a past customer service issue?

Replacing an item under warranty
Answering a call within two minutes
Absorbing any extra costs such as shipping costs incurred by the customer as a result of the problem
Sending him/her a complaint form to fill out

All of the following are pitfalls to avoid EXCEPT:

Assuming you know your customers and their needs
Not paying attention to what your customers are saying about you on social media or elsewhere online
Keeping a focus on how your customers’ needs are changing
Assessing customer needs once every five years

When providing customer service on the internet, you need to make sure that:

your language does not come across as too formal.
you make the customer feel assured that they are being listened to.
you talk to the customer in a language that tells them you are willing to help.
All of the above.

Which of the following would be a measurable aspect of customer service?

The number of products sold
An overall customer satisfaction rating of 90%
How displeased customers are in general
A profit margin of 30%

What is meant by "data mining"?

Creating specialized reports
Entering data into a data base
Calling customers to survey them
Sifting through vast amounts of data by focusing on specific attributes

If you fail to honor your commitment to a customer, you should do all of the following EXCEPT:

Own up to your mistake
Offer excuses
Make a fresh commitment

If you do not have the authority or the information needed to resolve a customer’s complaint, you should:

Refer the complaint to a team member who does.
Apologize to the customer and tell them you are unable to help.
Tell the customer to contact you again a few days later so that you know how to help them.
None of the above.

What does a customer with a problem expect from a customer service representative?

Discounts and coupons
The management's commitment to the growth of the firm
An aggressive tone
Understanding and empathy

In order to provide the best customer service on the internet, you should make the effort of knowing your customer, including all their past dealings and interactions with you.


Effective customer relationship management involves all of the following EXCEPT:

Building a personal relationship with the customers
Making the customers feel special
Taking note of the customers’ concerns only when they raise an issue
Helping the customers make decisions

You promise a customer to get back to them with a solution to their problem within two days. The deadline is over but you still don’t have a solution. What should you do?

Wait until you have the right solution and then get back to the customer.
Get back to the customer and request them to give you some more time.
Let the customer contact you again and then explain the situation.
Get back to the customer and tell them you have no solution to offer them.

What approach should a firm take when they need to say 'no' to a customer?

Say 'no' up front, being honest.
Do not say 'no', but later do not deliver on the alternative solutions.
Pretend everything is good, but towards the end of the conversation, tell them you did not mean what you said and actually the answer is 'no'.
Do not say 'no', but offer alternative solutions

You should say “Thank You” to a customer who gives you:

Positive feedback
Negative feedback
Both a and b
Neither a nor b

How important is it for the top management to be involved in Creating Customer Service Strategy?

Very important – The top management has to be committed to it and offer the maximum support.
Not important at all – The employees at the customer level should decide the strategy. Important only in small companies, not large corporations
Important only in large companies.
Smaller companies do not need to worry about customer service strategy.

Providing customer service on the internet is different from providing customer service on the phone. Which of the following is/are true about providing customer service on the internet?

Email conversations can feel too formal and rather unfriendly.
The lag between when a customer writes to the company and when the company writes back to them helps offer better responses than is possible on the phone.
Email has become obsolete. Customer service should only be provided over phone.
All of the above.

How important is the tone of voice when talking to someone on the phone?

Extremely important
Not important at all
Slightly important
Depends on the situation

How should a customer service representative determine what avenues to pursue to make a customer happy?

Follow a standard company protocol.
Ask the customer what resolution they would like to see.
Determine what would be the cheapest alternative that would make the customer happy.
Offer to replace their product regardless of their problem.

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