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What is the maximum duration for which a Change history report can be generated by using the Reporting and Tools feature?
    a. This month
    b   Last 2 years
    c   Last 5 years
    d   Last 1 year
    e   Last month
Which of the following statements about the Adwords Ad variations feature are correct?
    a   Ad variations may constitute ads from different ad groups
    b   Ad variations may constitute ads from different keywords
    c   Ad variations are a good way to see how different versions of an ad perform
    d   Ad variations are multiple versions of an ad for a single product or service
Which type of Google account functions as a master Google login, made up of a single email address and password through which you can access various Google services such as Google AdWords, Google Adsense and Google Analytics?
    a   GMaster account
    b   Google account
    c   G account
    d   Master Google account
Choose the incorrect statement:
    a   You'll need to make at least one campaign before you can create ads in your account.
    b   If you've set up a campaign and you want to use the same settings for a fresh campaign, you can load the settings from your existing campaign into your new campaign.
    c   Ad scheduling and ad delivery method options are available in Search Network only (Standard) campaign
    d   It is possible to create a mobile-optimized ad with a message, display URL, and landing page specifically for mobile devices.
Which of the following statements about Campaign Negative Keywords are correct?
    a   Negative keywords contain a '#' in front of the keyword.
    b   The use of Negative keywords reduces your CPC (Cost per click).
    c   You can prevent entire campaigns from showing on a certain query by applying negative keywords to them.
    d   You can prevent entire campaigns from showing in a particular country on a certain query by applying negative keywords to them.
Which of the following is not a part of the "Tools" Feature of Google AdWords:
    a   Change history
    b   Conversions
    c   Google Analytics
    d   Google AdSense
Which factors are directly impacted by increasing the Adwords ad budget?
    a   Ad Impressions
    b   Clicks on the ad
    c   Ad position
    d   The CPC (cost per click)
Which of the following will NOT happen if the view-through conversion window is set to 14 days in the Google AdWords account?
    a   The view-through conversions that occur after 14 days will be discarded.
    b   The Click conversions will still be counted on the standard 30-day lookback.
    c   This setting will not impact view-through conversions which have already been recorded.
    d   The view-through conversions that occur before 14 days will be discarded.
In an Adwords ad, how many characters is the display URL limited to?
    a   28
    b   30
    c   35
    d   40
Which 3 of the following are examples of inappropriate or offensive content as per Google Adwords policies:
    a   political campaigns,
    b   racial discrimination,
    c   hate group paraphernalia,
    d   graphic crime scenes
    e   sale or trade of pet animals,
    f   ads using religious language
Keyword matching options determine which Google searches can trigger your ads to appear. Which of the following searches could trigger an ad for the keyword "Online course" using  Exact Match settings?
    a   Cheap Online course
    b   Course
    c   Online course
    d   ecourse
Choose the incorrect option about including prices and promotions in ads:
    a   Using terms like special offers, coupons, and bargains is not allowed in display ads
    b   It Is a great way to let people know you’ve got some deals
    c   It helps users to make their decision
    d   Using terms like discounts and bargains is allowed in display ads
Is it possible for you to limit the number of impressions you will allow per month for a particular campaign on Google Display Network?
    a   Yes
    b   No
What is the primary reason for increasing the CPC (cost per click)?
    a   To increase ad Impressions
    b   To hike the ad budget
    c   To increase Ad position
This question is based upon the figure shown below
In the above ad, how can you make visitors reach
    a   By adding in the ad copy
    b   By changing the display URL to
    c   By changing the destination URL to
    d   By hyper linking the ad title to
The Google Ad placement feature allows you to choose locations on the Google content network where your ad can appear. Which of the following can be selected as an area for the ad to appear?
    a   An entire website
    b   A selection of pages from a website
    c   An individual ad unit on a single page
With regard to AdWords, what is a Placement?
    a   The cost of having your ad placed in number one position amongst the Adwords advertisers vying for the same keyword
    b   An ad placed for a definite period of time irrespective of how it will perform over the period
    c   Any website or other ad position on the Google content network where you would like to see your ads appear
    d   An automatic feature that allows you to retain your ad's position by constantly changing your CPC
Which of the following ads violate Google AdWords policies:
    a   1 & 2
    b   2 & 3
    c   1 & 3
    d   1, 2 & 3
What is the correct way of calculating the CTR (Clickthrough rate):
    a   The number of impressions your ad receives divided by the number of clicks it receives
    b   The number of clicks your ad receives divided by its cost per click
    c   The number of clicks your ad receives divided by its unique visitors
    d   The number of clicks your ad receives divided by its number of impressions
At which of the following levels may a daily budget be set?
    a   Keyword
    b   Campaign
    c   AdWords Account
Choose the incorrect statement:
Policies regarding Restricted Content
    a   cover content that is sometimes legally or culturally sensitive.
    b   May require that the advertisers for adult oriented content may need to meet additional requirements before their ads are eligible to run.
    c   May require that while promoting alcoholic beverages, the ad should not imply that drinking alcohol can improve social, sexual, professional, intellectual, or athletic standing.
    d   Do not apply to matchmaking sites
Which of the following are not allowed in Google AdWords Ads:
    a   omitting or obscuring charges associated with financial services such as interest rates, fees, and penalties
    b   failing to display tax or licence numbers contact information, or physical address where relevant; making offers that aren't actually available
    c   making misleading or unrealistic claims regarding weight loss
    d   collecting donations
Which of the following statements about an Ad group are correct?
    a   Ad groups only apply to the search network
    b   You cannot set prices for individual keywords within an Ad group
    c   An ad group contains one or more ads
Choose the correct statement regarding Google AdWords advertising policies
    a   Google allows Flash ads that don't support the clickTAG variable.
    b   Google doesn't allow the specific tracking of user interactions that don't involve clicks.
    c   Display Ads may contain screenshots of Google AdWords text ads
    d   Adwords Ads may include code that generates or uses random numbers.
Why is the Actual cost-per-click (CPC) sometimes lesser than the CPC you have specified for a keyword?
    a   Because Adwords applies a discount on the total billed clicks for high budget campaigns
    b   Because Adwords applies a discount on the total billed clicks for less popular keywords
    c   Because AdWords gives you the lowest possible price in order for you to maintain your ad's position
    d   Because Adwords is applying a discount on the total billed clicks displayed on the content network
State whether true or false.
Negative keywords cannot be applied to a whole Ad group?
    a   True
    b   False
Your maximum CPC (Cost per click) is $0.70. If your ad receives two clicks, one costing $0.10 and the other costing $0.60, what would your average CPC for those clicks be?
    a   $0.30
    b   $0.35
    c   $0.50
    d   $0.55
If you run out of characters in your AdWords ad, the display URL field can be used as another line of ad text.
    a   True
    b   False
Google AdWords does not accept an Ad copy that includes:
    a   excessive capitalization
    b   product price
    c   incorrect grammar
    d   numerals
On which page of the Google search results would an Adwords Ad triggered by a keyword with an Average Position (Avg. Pos.) of 9-16 generally appear?
    a   The first page
    b   The second page
    c   The third page
    d   The fourth page

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