LinkedIn Adobe XD Assessment Test

When scrolling in the Preview window, you notice an entire page composed of a status bar and a Repeat Grid that move up and down when scrolling. How can you stop the status bar from.

Lock the status bar.
Select the status bar and move it to the top layer.
Select the Repeat Grid and send it to the back.
Select the status bar and fix its position.

In which mode do you define your home artboard?

Design mode
Share mode
Prototype mode
Save mode

What is the advantage to embedding a bitmap when exporting to the .svg format?

There is a significant reduction in the time taken to load the bitmap when the project is opened on a device.
Development time is reduced.
You can easily add the various sizes of the bitmap during development.
It creates a reference inside the .svg to the bitmap, which makes the assets more manageable.

You need to have a keyboard appear when a text area is tapped. Which action type should you apply?

Previous Artboard

Device preview requires a _____.

bluetooth connection
mobile device with NFC
wireless connection
USB connection

Your developer has discovered that certain elements use the RGB color palette, whereas the project is supposed to use the hex color palette. Where can your developer easily change the color palette from RGB to hex?

developer view
design preview
the design system
the XD document

You are previewing your XD project on an iPhone. How would you browse an artboard on the phone?

Triple-tap the screen.
Use a drag gesture and select Browse Artboards.U
Long-press an image and select Browse Artboards.
Double-tap and select Browse Artboards.

After completing a project, you deactivated a couple of Adobe fonts. Now you need to make changes to the XD file. How do you reenable the Adobe fonts in XD?

Open your Creative Cloud fonts and click Enable.
Adobe fonts are automatically reactivated through the Creative Cloud.
Relink the fonts to your Creative Cloud library.
Enable the fonts in your computer's fonts settings.

You are viewing your project on a Google Pixel and notice the hotspot hints are missing. How would you enable them on the device?

In the sharing options, select Enable Hints
Triple-tap the screen and select Enable Hints.
Double-tap and select Enable Hints.
In the device preview, select Enable Hints.

Which export setting would you use to create a low-res asset whose size is 50% of the asset on the screen?

Designed for Web
Designed at 1X
Designed at 3X
Designed at 2X

You created a Repeat Grid that is to be an image gallery. How would you control the placement of the images in the Repeat Grid?

Ensure that all images are in the same image format.
Ensure that all images have the same dimensions.
Drag individual images into the grid.
Import the images and rearrange them in the Repeat Grid.

How can you swap one component for another that is already in the project?

Right-click the component you want to replace and select Edit Master in Source Document.
Delete the component in the project and drag the new component from the Assets panel.
Drag the new component from the Assets panel on top of the existing component in the project.
Copy the component in the Assets panel, select the component in the project, and paste.

You created a button and converted it to a component in order to make the button interactive. When you open the Component (Master) area in the Property Inspector and click Default State, you notice the button already has one state applied to it. What state is applied?


You have copied an interaction to the clipboard. How would you apply this interaction to multiple objects?

Shift-click each object and paste the interaction.
Select each object and paste the interaction.
Select the artboards and paste the interaction.
Marquee the objects and paste the interaction.

Your developer notifies you that the left alignment of some the text in a slide in menu is off by 2 pixels. How did the developer catch this?

Artboard guides appear in the developer's share screen.
The distance values are shown in the developer's share screen.
The developer rolled over them in the developer's share screen.
The differing values were noted in the CSS.

Four more artboards for your current XD project have been created in Photoshop. How would you add them to your XD project?

Place the .psd into an XD artboard.
Import the .psd into the document.
Import one artboard at a time.
Open the .psd in XD.

You are resizing an artboard with responsive resize turned on. How do you first establish relationships between content?

Name content consistently in the Layers panel.
Lock content.
Group content.
Convert content to master components.

How do you test a voice command added to a prototype when using Preview mode?

Press the Shift key.
Press the Spacebar.
Click Preview.
Click Play in the preview.

Which method for bringing Illustrator content into XD is not possible?

Import an Illustrator file (.AI) into an XD project.
Copy and paste content from Illustrator to XD.
Drag an Illustrator file (.AI) into an XD project.
Open an Illustrator file (.AI) in XD to convert it to an XD project.

What does clicking Add-ons in the XD Home screen provide access to?

XD app extensions
XD tutorials
your Creative Cloud library
UI kits

Component states are _____.

applied to components
added in Design view
customized versions of a componen
interactive versions of a component

You see a Missing Fonts alert in the Assets panel, even after your Creative Cloud fonts have loaded. How would you fix this?

Download the missing font.
Enable the font in your Creative Cloud library.
Reload the font from Adobe Fonts.
Enable the local font on your computer.

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