LinkedIn Google Ads Assessment Test

Sion is having a sale that will last three days. He wants his ad text to show how much time is remaining in the sale. What would you recommend for Sion?

Use the sale extension and set the sale duration for each time zone.
Do not include the sale in the ad text, as this likely violates Google Ads editorial policies.
Manually adjust the ad text as frequently as possible to reflect the time remaining.
Add a countdown customizer to the ad text.

You want to drive customers to sign up for an email newsletter. What goal type for a Search campaign should you configure?


The standard approach to submitting product data to Google Ads is through the use of a product _____.


Tabitha has a mobile application that is complementary to her website. She wants to make it known to potential customers, but driving app downloads is not her main goal. What would you recommend she configure on her Google Ads?

app extension
download extension
Mobile App campaign
Universal App campaign

Rhonda has a website selling sporting goods, and she wants people viewing her ad to be able to directly visit sections such as basketball, soccer, and football. What would you recommend she set up?

callout extension
sitelink extension
promotion extension
message extension

Which bid strategy allows you to pay after an ad is clicked?


Which choice is a best practice when designing a landing page for an ad campaign?

having lots of inbound links
enrolling in Ad Central
relevant content matching the ad
using JavaScript

What must be configured to create a shopping campaign?

Reach Planner
ad extensions
API Center
Google Merchant Center

What Google application can you download to make bulk changes to your Google Ads?

Google Ads Editor
Conversion Optimizer
Google Power Ads
Google My Business

What is ad frequency?

the total number of impressions your advertisement receives
the number of users who clicked your advertisement
the number of times a single user will see your advertisement
the number of visitors who completed the checkout process

If someone performs a search for "most comfortable chair", which ad description text would likely perform the best?

Need a new chair? The LumbarPro is the highest rated chair. Try this chair, today.
Try the LumbarPro, a chair that has been reviewed as comfortable by more than 1,000 people.
Experience the most comfortable chair, with more than 1,000 five-star reviews.
Don't be uncomfortable. Get a new chair. Try the LumbarPro today.

Why are ad extensions beneficial?

They increase the character count for descriptions and headlines.
They allow you to integrate your data with third-party platforms such as Google Analytics.
They expand the ad and tend to increase the clickthrough rate.
They reduce the overall cost of your campaigns.

Tomer wants to drive mobile app downloads for a new game he has created. What would you recommend?

Use a callout extension.
Create an App campaign.
Use a sitelink extension.
Add a deep link.

Griff has noticed that his best-performing keyword has started to see an increased CPC, despite no changes on his part. What is the most likely reason for this?

reduction in daily budget
ad Quality Score increase
increased competition
reduction of landing page inbound links

_____ clicks might show up if a bot frequently clicks your display ads.


With Google's Active View technology, when is an impression of a display ad considered viewable?

when at least 50% of the ad is on-screen for at least 1 second
when the user leaves the page the ad appears on
when any part of the ad is on-screen for 5 seconds
when the entire ad first appears on the screen

Why would you use callout extensions?

to add phone numbers to the ad
to share pricing on various business offerings
to show reviews of your product or service
to highlight key features and unique offers

Braxton has his maximum bid set to $5. His competitor bids $3.95. How much will Braxton pay upon winning the auction?


What would your exact match impression share help you understand?

how many impressions you received that matched content on your landing page
the percentage of impressions your ad received across all keyword types
the total number of impressions your ad received on the search network
the percentage of impressions you received for searches that were an exact keyword match

Which situation would cause a location extension to appear?

Location extensions always show whenever the Ad displays, regardless of search location.
Someone searches for a phone number of a business located in another state.
Someone searches relevant terms and is physically located near the business.
Someone searches for any business with a physical storefront, regardless of where they search from.

Which keyword is of the "phrase match" type?

"discount flight deals"
[discount flight deals]
discount flight deals
discount +flight +deals

When reviewing a campaign, you notice that your cost per conversion on desktop is much lower than on mobile. How should you optimize the bidding strategy if you wanted to increase the overall number of campaign conversions?

Decrease the desktop bid adjustment for the campaign.
Increase the desktop bid adjustment for the campaign.
Increase the ad frequency for the campaign.
Increase both the desktop and the mobile bid adjustments.

Rhama wants to increase her bids for any customers that are within a selected radius of her storefront. What would you recommend she do?

Use automated bidding.
Create an ad group with higher bids, targeted to that geographical location.
Create a location bid adjustment.
Restrict the campaign to only the radius.

Why is it important to know your cost per conversion?

A lower cost per conversion will improve your Ad Rank.
Your cost per conversion helps you understand your ROI.
all of these answers
You can compare your cost per conversion to your competitors.

Which keyword status is not valid?

Under review
Geographically restricted

Evana has an ad that is properly targeted and receiving impressions from a relevant audience, but the CTR is lower than her other campaigns. Which choice might be useful in directly improving the CTR?

improving the landing page
using ad extensions
increasing landing page inbound links
removing any CTAs

Chante wants a recently added extension to show up as often as possible. Which choice has the best chance of achieving her goal?

adding more keywords
lowering the daily budget
raising the maximum CPC
removing keywords

LinkedIn Google Ads Assessment Test 2021