LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Assessment Test

The search query "how to make donuts without yeast" is an example of what?

fresh keyword
operative keyword
short-tail keyword
long-tail keyword

What is one way in which search queries have evolved over the years?

Queries are much shorter.
Fewer searches are coming from mobile.
More searches are using natural language.
Keywords are now irrelevant

Which statement is true about JSON-LD?

It is the only structured data format available.
It has no relation to JSON.
It is considered the most complicated approach to adding structured data.
It is Google's preferred structured data format.

Which backlink would you expect to be treated as the least important?

a link matching the background color
a link in italics
a link at the bottom of a list
a link in the bottom of the body content

What is a key reason why duplicate content might cause an issue with ranking?

It creates an inability to use canonical URLs, which dramatically reduces crawl effectiveness.
It requires using a 302 redirect, which dilutes PageRank.
It makes it difficult for a search engine to determine the original and authoritative content source
It triggers an immediate manual action penalty, which delists an entire domain until the duplicate content is removed.

Which link is not crawlable?

<a onclick="newwin('')">
<a href="">
<a href="/../category-2/page">
<a href="" class="blue">

Which tool enables companies to display extra information within the natural search results without the need of any structured data?

Google Input Tools
structured data testing tool
Google Tag Manager
Google My Business

Which search query would be most difficult to determine search intent?

Microsoft Office 365
LinkedIn login
XBox live coupon
LAX airport directions

You notice that you have a backlink originating from a spam website, and you cannot get the site to remove it. What should you consider doing?

Disavow the link.
301 redirect the link back to the spam site.
Add the link to robots.txt.
Remove the page to which the link is pointing.

Which choice represents the best header structure?

H1: How to Bake Bagels
H1: Ingredients
H1: Dry Ingredients
H1: Wet Ingredients
H1: Instructions
H2: Reviews

H1: How to Bake Bagels
H2: Ingredients
H3: Dry Ingredients
H4: Wet Ingredients
H2: Instructions
H6: Reviews

H1: How to Bake Bagels
H2: Ingredients
H4: Dry Ingredients
H5: Wet Ingredients
H6: Instructions
H1: Reviews

H1: How to Bake Bagels
H2: Ingredients
H3: Dry Ingredients
H3: Wet Ingredients
H2: Instructions
H2: Reviews

Changing the title tag and/or meta description will have a measurable impact on your _____.


What is the dwell time in this scenario?
1. User searches for "Bagel Recipes".
2. User spends 1 minute reviewing results.
3. User clicks a result: "Brad & Jeff's Bagel Recipe Blog".
4. User spends 3 minutes reading article.
5. User clicks back to search results.
6. User spends 2 minutes reviewing results.

6 minutes
3 minutes
2 minutes
1 minute

Why is it important to be mindful of outbound follow links?

Any follow links reduce your PageRank by 1.
Your site's reputation is tied to the sites you link to.
There is a limit to how many links you can create.
all of these answers

You are searching for a website that was published within the last week. When you type in the URL, the site does not appear in Google search results. Why might this be?

A sitemap has not yet been submitted to Google.
Google has not yet crawled this website.
The website does not have a high enough domain authority.
The website does not provide useful information.

Your site serves identical content when you visit or What should you implement?Y

a 302 redirect
a rel=canonical link
parameter stripping
URL cloaking

Which approach is not advisable to geotargeting your website?

using a ccTLD
using URL parameters
using a gTLD with subdomain
using a gTLD with a subdirectory

Google primarily determines indexing and ranking by crawling which version of a page?

submitted version
mobile version
desktop version
responsive version

What would significantly improve Google's ability to display a non-YouTube video in its search results?

Provide a 150 x 80 pixel thumbnail image.
Convert .mp4 videos to .mov.
Embed video objects with JavaScript conditionals.
Add VideoObject.

According to Google, what type of content includes topics such as news, legal issues, financial advice, and medical information?


A user clicks an internal link resulting in this redirect chain: -> -> In this example, what is being consumed unnecessarily?

crawl budget
velocity scale
redirect allotment
domain authority

You have been asked to help a big e-commerce brand optimize their website for search engines. They currently have thousands of products listed on their website. What is your most appropriate first step?

Recommend that they add more products.
Register the business with a Google My Business account.
Work on compressing image files.
302 redirect all product pages to a URL that contains target keywords.

Which statement is true regarding the use of social signals, such as LinkedIn shares, by Google in its ranking algorithm?

Google does not use social signals to determine rank.
Social signals are identical to backlinks.
Social signals provide a benefit only if they have structured data markup.
Social signals are used to determine topic authority.

How do keywords change as people progress through the buying cycle?

They move from complex to simple, as searchers find answers to their questions.
They move from simple to more complex as searchers gather more information and then refine their choices.
They stay simple, as searchers try to use as few words as possible.
The keywords do not change much at all.

Which page title references content that is evergreen?

How to Reheat Pizza
Complete Coverage of Microsoft's Latest Announcement
The Future of SEO in 2020
Mega List of Teams Going to the Olympics

LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Assessment Test 2020