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In WordPress, what is the Loop used to do?

It displays a single post.
It displays a single page.
all of these answers
It displays posts on an archive.

Who owns the trademark for WordPress and WordCamp names and logos?
Matt Mullenweg
WordPress Foundation

What is the name of the open-source project that serves as a bug tracker and project management tool for WordPress?

GitHub Issues

In WordPress, what is true of plugins?

Plugins add site-specific features.
all of these answers
Plugins can extend WordPress core functionality.
Plugins are available in free or premium (paid) versions.

What would you do to improve your site's performance?

Minify CSS and JavaScript files.
all of these answers
Use a CDN.
Only load scripts and styles on pages where they are needed.

In WordPress, what is the block editor used for?

injecting specialized scripts into the content area
creating a site layout
cropping images in the media library
creating and laying out content

What are transients?

post drafts stored in the database
plugins used for quick debugging
a way to cache information
short database queries

What can you use to test theme functionality and how a theme responds to edge cases of content and settings?

Debug Bar plugin
browser developer tools
Theme Unit Test data
visual regression testing

What is the easiest way to beta test upcoming releases of WordPress?

Download beta versions from the WordPress repository.
Use the WordPress Beta Tester plugin.
Add this to your site's wp-config.php: define( WP_VERSION', 'beta' );.
Spin up a demo site at

Which of the following file types is NOT involved in translating WordPress?


The REST API utilizes which data format?


What is a way you can both harden your site's security and improve how Google presents your site in search results?

Require users to log in to view content.
Install a security plugin on your site.
Install an SSL certificate.
Use a third-party security monitoring service.

Which software development principle, often used in WordPress, aims to reduce the repetition of code?


What is the role of a WordPress theme?

controls colors, fonts, and page layouts
all of these answers
ensures a site is mobile responsive
adds accessibility enhancements such as keyboard navigation and skip links

For the majority of modern themes, what is the standard method used to customize various details of site appearance and features, such as changing the site description or adding a logo and favicons?

WordPress settings
Theme settings

What is the difference between an action and a filter?

Actions are used to add or remove code at runtime. Filters are used to modify data before it is either displayed in the browser or saved to the database.
Actions are used to add user-inputted data to the database. Filters are used to validate user-inputted data prior to adding it to the database.
Actions are used to add custom functions and remove WordPress functions. Filters are used to make strings translatable for localization.
Actions are used to assign values to variables at runtime. Filters are used to extract data from actions and display it in the browser.

What user role would you assign to someone so they can write and publish only their posts and no one else's?


WP_Query is the WordPress query class that is used to fetch posts from the database. How would you create a new instance of this class?

$query = query_posts();
$query = get_posts();
$query = new WP_Query();
$query = new query_posts();

Which data format does WordPress use to store passwords in MySQL?


The Block API enables developers to register custom blocks in themes or plugins. How would you register a custom block?

Use the createGutenBlock() function.
Use a block template.
Use the registerBlockName() function.
Use the registerBlockType() function.

WordPress is translated, at least partially, in more than 200 locales. If you wanted to help translate WordPress into other languages, which contributor group would you join?


If you wanted to debug some JavaScript, which method would you use to display data in your browser console?


WordPress core and many plugins store data in the database in a special format as represented by the sample below. What format is this called?

serialized data
PHP array
text array

When would you use a post instead of a page?

When the content is evergreen.
When the content is part of a blog.
When the content is nested (has a parent/child relationship with another piece of content).
When the content is for a top-level menu item.

Select the option that represents the minimum field(s) a plugin header must contain.

* Version: VERSION #

* Text Domain: YOUR-PLUGIN-TD


* Version: VERSION #
* License: GPL2+

On a regular WordPress install, what is the difference between transients and the object cache?

Transients are available for the duration of a user session and apply to all page components. The object cache is available only for scripts.
Transients are persistent and write to the wp_options. The object cache persists only for the particular page load.
Transients persist only for the particular page load. The object cache is persistent and writes to the wp_options table.
Transients are stored in the WordPress database. The object cache is stored on the server where the WordPress install is located.

What is this code sample an example of?
if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();
else :
_e( 'Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.', 'textdomain' );

custom query
nested loop
template tags
the Loop

Where do you configure global settings for comments on your WordPress site?

Tools screen
Discussion Settings

How can you add a custom script that needs to run only on the contact page of a site? The slug of the page is contact.

Link to the script directly from a template named page-contact.php using the get_header() template tag, like this:
get_header( '<script src="/my-script.js"></script>' );
Use functions.php to conditionally load the script by hooking it to wp_enqueue_scripts(), like this:
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'load_scripts' );

function load_scripts() {
if ( is_page( 'contact' ) ) {
echo '<script src="/my-script.js"></script>';

Use functions.php to conditionally load the script by hooking it to wp_enqueue_scripts(), like this:
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'load_scripts' );
function load_scripts() {
if ( is_page( 'contact' ) ) {
wp_enqueue_script( 'script', get_template_directory_uri() . '/script.js' );

Link to the script directly from a template named page-contact.php, like this:
<script src="/my-script.js"></script>

What's the primary difference between template tags prefaced with the_ versus get_the_?

Template tags prefaced with the_ can be used directly within a template. Template tags prefaced with get_the are generally reserved for partial templates.
Template tags prefaced with the_ return a value. Template tags prefaced with get_the display a value.
Template tags prefaced with the_ display a value. Template tags prefaced with get_the return a value.
Template tags prefaced with the_ don't accept arguments. Template tags prefaced with get_the do accept arguments.

Which of the following is NOT a suggested security improvement for your WordPress website?

The site should communicate with
Remove inactive themes.
Do not output debug information.
WordPress updates are accomplished manually only.

How would you write a text string containing "Hello World!" in a way that makes it possible for someone else to translate the string into a different language?

apply_filters( 'Hello World!', 'mytextdomain' );
__( 'Hello World!', 'mytextdomain' );
$string = "Hello World!";
esc_html( 'Hello World!', 'mytextdomain' );

What is the core mission of WordPress?

to make free software
to democratize publishing and the freedoms that come with open source
to make money
to encourage blogging

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