Twitter Account Management Skills Test Fiverr

Which of the following is the use of the image given above in Twitter?
    a   To view details of tweets.
    b   To change trends.
    c   To view Direct messages.
    d   To close all open tweets.

Which of the following versions of Android OS is incompatible with Twitter?
    a   2.2
    b   2.1
    c   1.5
    d   4.1

Which of the following steps is used to turn off the feature that lets the Twitter users find a user by its email address?
    a   Account setting-> uncheck the box that says Let others find me by my email address->Save Changes.
    b   Account setting->Personalization-> uncheck the box that says Let others find me by my email address->Save Changes.
    c   Account setting-> Activity from your network->uncheck the box my email address->Save Changes.

Which of the following activities can be performed by a Twitter user who is blocked by another user?
1. He can add that user's Twitter account to his lists.
2. He can have his@replies or mentions to be visible in that user's mentions tab   
3. He can follow that user.
4. He can see the profile picture of that user on his profile page or in their timeline.
    a   1, 2, and 4
    b   1,3
    c   2,4
    d   None of the above

Do the following SMS commands perform the same actions:
    a   Yes
    b   No

If a user is temporarily locked out from trying to sign in after a limited number of failed attempts to sign in to Twitter, then after how much time the lock will clear?
    a   10 minutes
    b   30 minutes
    c   45 minutes
    d   60 minutes

In Twitter glossary, Tweeter is knows as _______________________.
    a   the act of posting a message
    b   an account holder on Twitter who posts and reads tweets
    c   a message posted via Twitter
    d   a type of account that is allowed to go beyond the restrictions imposed by Twitter

Which of the following factors Twitter takes into account when determining what conduct is considered to be spamming?
1. User's updates consist mainly of links, and not personal updates.
2. User has followed and unfollowed people in a short time period   
3. User posts misleading links.
4. User posts multiple unrelated updates to a topic using #.
    a   1,2 and 3
    b   2 and 3
    c   1,4
    d   All of the above

Which of the following is the correct method to report spam profile to Twitter?
    a   Click on Home icon of your account-> Click on Report @username for spam.
    b   Visit the spam account's profile-> Click on person icon-> Click on Report @username for spam.
    c   Click on @connect tab->Click on Mentions from the left corner-> Click on Report @username for spam.
    d   Click on Me tab of your account ->Click on gear icon-> Click on Report @username for spam.

Can a user change the whole tweets, which are displayed on his/ her Discover page?
    a   Yes
    b   No

According to Account Profile Guidelines of Twitter for Advertising, what is the character limit for Bio field?
    a   240
    b   160  
    c   200
    d   150

Which of the following options is a valid operation while accessing on a Smartphone?
1. You can create or edit lists from
2. You can save searches on
3. You can mark the tweet as a favorite.
    a   1
    b   2
    c   3
    d   All of the above

Which of the following timelines of Discover's tab shows real-time information about the actions being taken by the people followed by user in Twitter?
    a   Tweets
    b   Who to follow
    c   Activity
    d   Find Friends
    e   Browse Categories

What is the limit of the persons you can follow per day on Twitter?
    a   1000
    b   1500
    c   2000
    d   2500

 While accessing on a Smartphone, if the Home tab as shown above in the image has a blue glow underneath it, what does it mean?
    a   It means that there are new tweets waiting to hit your timeline.
    b   It means that there is new complete list of the top Trends.
    c   It means that there is new following request notification.

Which of the following options from the given figure does not appear below the tweets sent and received by the users on Twitter?
    a   1
    b   2
    c   3
    d   4
    e   5

How many images can be uploaded in one tweet?
    a   One
    b   Two
    c   Three
    d   Four
    e   Any number

Which of the following options under Discover tab allows a user to follow friends and colleagues with a simple contact import from user's email address book in Twitter?
    a   Follow Friends
    b   Find Friends
    c   Search Friends
    d   Seek Friends

The given image is used to ________________.
    a   send Direct messages
    b   Compose new Tweet
    c   check Trends
    d   view Connect timeline

Non-registered users can read the public tweets posted by Twitter users.
    a   True
    b   False

What is aggressive follow churn?
    a   When an account repeatedly follows and then un-follows a large number of users.
    b   When an account repeatedly posts other user's tweets as its own.
    c   When an account repeatedly creates or purchases accounts in order to gain followers.
    d   When an account repeatedly sends large numbers of unsolicited @replies.

Which of the following image formats is not valid for your profile photo, header photo, and background photo in Twitter?
    a   jpg
    b   png
    c   gif
    d   animated gif

Which of the following options is the username of profile used by Twitter to tweet for the advertisement of brands?
    a   @Tweetads
    b   @TwitterAds
    c   @TweetAdvertize
    d   @TweetAdv

For which of the following options you cannot download Twitter mobile app?
    a   iPhone
    b   iPad
    c   Android
    d   Nokia
    e   BlackBerry
    f   None of the above

What are technical limits on accounts for Direct messages in Twitter?
    a   250 per day  
    b   200 per day
    c   500 per day
    d   There is no limit for Direct messages.

Which of the following options is used when user wants to know who tagged his/her user name in tweets?
    a   Interaction
    b   Mentions
    c   Discover
    d   Browse Categories

If a user receives a Direct message via text message on Twitter, and replies without including "the username" at the beginning of message, it is recognized as a ________________, not a Direct message.
    a   public tweet
    b   malware
    c   spam
    d   SMS

Username squatting is ______________ as per Twitter Rules.
    a   prohibited
    b   verified
    c   approved
    d   established

If a user wants to turn on notifications for a specific person on his/ her phone then which of the following Twitter SMS commands is valid?
    a   ON [@specific person's username]
    b   ON [specific person's username]
    c   Turn on [@ specific person's username]
    d   Turn on [specific person's username]

What is the limit of the tweets per day?
    a   1200
    b   1500
    c   2000
    d   1000

If a user retweets someone he/she does not follow, it will be visible on _______ of the user.
    a   both home and profile timelines
    b   home timeline
    c   profile timeline

Tweet which is private between the sender and the recipient is called _________________.
    a   interaction
    b   inbox message
    c   direct message
    d   private message

To search for the latest trends, which of the following symbols is used in the search box in Twitter?
    a   &
    b   @@
    c   @
    d   #

What is the maximum recommended limit for Profile photo and Header photo to be uploaded in Twitter respectively?
    a   5 MB and 2 MB
    b   5 MB for both Profile photo and Header photo.
    c   2 MB and 5 MB
    d   2 MB for both Profile photo and Header photo.

State whether the following statement is True or False:
"The public tweets posted before you select the account setting "Protect my Tweets" will not be indexed in a public search engine."
    a   True
    b   False

Promoted tweets for Twitter Ads full service cannot appear in _______________.
    a   User timelines
    b   Twitter for mobile, desktops, laptops
    c   Twitter for tablets
    d   Twitter Trends
    e   search results

Which of the following actions may be taken on a campaign or advertiser upon violation of Twitter's policies, Rules and Terms of Service?
    a   Campaign or tweet removal
    b   Removal from Twitter's advertiser account
    c   Limit Targeting
    d   All of the above

What is the maximum limit of characters in username on Twitter?
    a   10 characters
    b   30 characters
    c   20 characters
    d   15 characters

If a user has embedded an image in a tweet containing some message, then this image can be deleted without deleting the tweet.
    a   True
    b   False

"#" symbol is used on Twitter to _________________________.
    a   call out usernames in tweets
    b   spam
    c   mark keywords or topics in a tweet
    d   define who you are on Twitter

A Twitter user may have maximum _______ saved searches per account.
    a   15
    b   20
    c   25
    d   30

Which of the following key combinations is used to open "Go to a person's profile" dialog box?
    a   S+G
    b   G+U
    c   G+S
    d   U+G

The figure given above is the screenshot of Twitter being used by a user through a Smartphone. In the figure, which of the given symbols is used to view connect timeline?
    a   1
    b   2
    c   3
    d   4
    e   5

State whether the following statement is true or false:
"You can send a message through your Twitter account to anyone who has an account on Twitter."
    a   True
    b   False

State whether the following statement about promoted accounts on Twitter is true or false.
"User will only be charged when people follow his Promoted Account"
    a   True
    b   False

Twitter may remove an account without further notice if the account is inactive for more than ________ months.
    a    2
    b    4
    c    6
    d    1

Maximum character limit of a tweet on Twitter is __________ characters.
    a   240
    b   140
    c   250
    d   150

What is the return type in the following declaration?
func potteryBarn (name: String, score: Int)  -> String { return "Hello (name)! Your score is (score)." }

Twitter Account Management Fiverr Skills Test 2020